MLP: Empire of the Sun-1R

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This universe is very similar to the normal FiM world. The most important difference is this: Deities are literally what they represent. Therefore, Celestia and Luna were not mere movers of the heavens, but living celestial bodies using mortal avatars to communicate with their 'children'. It is also far in the future, and Princess Celestia, now Empress Solar Flare, rules half the galaxy.

The galaxy is mostly explored, and what is explored is almost all colonized. There are three major nations, but only the Empire matters for now. Some major points: ponies and changelings now live side by side in harmony. AI/Ps (Artificial Intelligence and Personality, often just said as Ey Ai Pee) are living, sapient computers. Dragons are no more, lost in a tragic accident in the migration from their homeworld. Neither the dragons nor this accident are remembered by the public.

The Elements of Harmony are not the originals (save Twilight), but are newly picked out whenever one of them bites the dust, chosen not only for aptitude with their respective element but for willingness to go above and beyond. Leadership skills being a plus, as they're members of a council which is just under the Empress and her two princesses, Twilight Sparkle and Cadence, in authority.

Finally, magic and technology are of equal importance and use in the empire. In special cases, they're even combined in magitech, an extremely generic term for something very dangerous. The principles behind Magitech break the rules of physics in very egregious ways, and thus requires a very flexible mind to work on without enduring rapidly degrading sanity. Still, Magitech's ability to bend and break reality allows them to achieve many important technological marvels, such as FTL.