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Madoka Kaname (Scenesys ID: 439)
"You don't have to hurt anyone anymore. You don't have to despair. I told you all I would be right here with you. Here I am. It's alright."
Full Name: Madoka Kaname
Gender: Female
Species: Law of Cycles
Theme: (FC) Puella Magi Madoka Magica-1
Function: Homura's Stalker
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age: 'Concept'
Still Aging? Lolno Voice Actor: Aoi Yuki
Height: Pink? Weight: Piiiiink...
Hair Color: Pink! ^_^ Eye Color: Gold!
Theme Song:


Once an ordinary girl, Madoka Kaname met the Messenger of Magic, Kyubey and made a wish. It led to her death. But through the wish of another girl, Homura Akemi, she was granted another chance as time was turned back. But fate conspired against her in each new time the clock was re-wound, trapped in a cycle of despair, pain, and death fighting witches as a Puella Magi. Finally the cycle was broken. With a clever and paradoxical wish, Madoka selflessly sacrificed her very existence to shoulder the pain of the Magical Girls of her world. Now she exists as the very concept of Hope, a being that that lives both amongst and aside from her world. Still the same cheer filled and vibrant girl she used to be, apotheosis has only given Madoka a new direction in protecting those she cares for, with the same powerful magic she once had in life.










Law of Cycles: Having gone back in time and prevented her own existence as a human from ever occurring, Madoka 's life in Mitakihara never happened. She was never born, so she has no connection to her mother, father, or little brother, though he can still see her as an imaginary friend. There are no records of her at all, she has no form of identification, and does not exist in the least on her world. When roaming around Mitakihara she has access to essentially nothing a person would. Not even the $20 allowance her parents used to give her! However more seriously, while Madoka is present anywhere, she also exists elsewhere, wherever a witch is born, and cannot spread herself very thin while out in the Multiverse at large. If defeated in a battle outside of Mitakihara, Madoka must vanish for the full extent of her heal time in order to both recover and continue handling her other business at the same time.

Puella Magi: Whenever a Puella Magi's Soul Gem becomes too corrupted with despair, Madoka must shoulder their sorrow. If they cannot overcome themselves, then she must prevent the Witch's birth, annulling the existence of both the girl and Witch. Though she is happy to ease them of their pain, it is still a burden she must shoulder. (OOC Note - PC Puella Magi won't be getting annulled.)

Self Sacrificing: Madoka literally gave up everything for the sake of saving countless other girls from her homeworld. In general, she is incredibly selfless, to the point where it can be to her detriment.

Homura Akemi: Madoka's best friend. Madoka cares deeply for the one girl that was her best (if secret stalker) friend. Now that Madoka has become omnipresent, she may be a little too attached. The stalker has become the stalkee.


Title Date Scene Summary
Reunion March 1st, 2015 Four years in the making.
NODE: City of Cycles - Reloading January 25th, 2015 Short on time, Users split to meet the second of three Puella Magi in Homura's Node, while the other half go to rouse a powerful Witch out of its slumber.
Halloween 2014 October 31st, 2014 Once again, nothing happens in Boston worth noting.
WMAT B3 Satsuki Kiryuin vs. Homura Akemi July 24th, 2014 Homura and Satsuki face off in round 3 of the B bracket in the WMAT 2014. It's severe swordswoman against magical gungirl!
WMAT B2 Tomoe vs. Homura Akemi July 9th, 2014 Round 2 of the WMAT's B bracket, it's the swords(wo)man Tomoe versus the magical girl Homura.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Homura Akemi - Homura is my bestest friend in all of ever. ^____^Dropped