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Madotsuki (Scenesys ID: 763)
"This is where I would say that I 'must be dreaming' or something, but I'm kinda always dreaming."
Full Name: Madotsuki
Gender: Female
Species: (Usually) Human
Theme: (OFC) Yume Nikki-1R
Function: Hikikomori
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age: 14
Still Aging? Slowly Voice Actor:
Height: 152.4 cm (5 feet) Weight: Slim to Gaunt
Hair Color: Brown (Usually) Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Illusionary World' -


Madotsuki is a troubled girl who rarely if ever leaves the confines of her tiny apartment room. In fact, the only reason she cares to venture into the Multiverse at all is because she can do so via her dreams, and because getting out can sometimes prevent her from lapsing into depression. This brooding stems from a history of abandonment by friends and family coupled with no small amount of abuse which she keeps carefully concealed from prying eyes. Madotsuki is a creative soul and a loyal friend, but these lighter traits are tempered by a gripping apathy, near complete immorality, and a general edginess that often makes her seem paranoid. She copes with her sensitivity via a well-honed device of dry, often dark humor that can make her seem either laid-back or cruel depending on the audience. While completely mundane in waking, in sleep she has access to a number of quirky powers - her 'Effects' - that allow her to do things like transform into a witch with magic, become a demon with enhanced endurance, phase through walls as a ghost, and more.










SUBVERTED EFFECTS: Certain Effects can actually have detrimental impacts on Madotsuki when used. For example, when under the influence of the 'Oni' Effect she becomes more quick to anger and impatient, when using 'Dwarf' she experiences a dramatic PL decrease, when using 'Ghost' she can't directly attack, when using 'Lamp' she can't talk, et cetera. There aren't drawbacks associated with every Effect, though these negatives tend to appear more often with her stronger abilities.

MURPHY'S LAW: Madotsuki tends to assume that, if something can go wrong, it will. She's skeptical of everyone she comes across by default even if it doesn't seem like it on the surface, and her viewpoint of nigh-constant pessimism makes it hard for her to invest herself fully in anything. When and where this shows, it can make her an extremely unpleasant person to be around, and even when it isn't made obvious through word or deed it will still serve to insulate her from others. Consequently, it isn't easy for her to form long lasting, positive relationships.

TRAUMAS: It's not entirely clear what all Madotsuki has been through in her past, but in the present her hard childhood is reflected in a myriad of often debilitating phobias. She does not consciously dislike men, but she tends to be uncomfortable around them even so; she will often develop severe anxiety in small, dark spaces; she reacts poorly to being touched and can react violently if someone sneaks up behind her, even unintentionally; all along with other idiosyncrasies. She also exhibits certain symptoms of PTSD like poor short-term memory, general edginess, depression, and low self-esteem.

CLINGY: On the off chance that Madotsuki does make a close friend, she will likely become heavily dependent on them for emotional support. Though she's usually tactful enough that this trait will not estrange those people, this does mean that she would fall into a deep depression if any harm were to come to them and that she would take immense personal risk to help them. In some cases, this could also become an exception to her skepticism; she tends to trust loved ones implicitly even when she, perhaps, should not.

AIMLESS: Madotsuki does not have any well-defined goals in living. Most all that she does is more meant to distract her from her own depression than anything, and her lack of a guiding system of principles makes it easy for one to use her presence for their own ends. She will often be able to recognize when she's being manipulated, she just won't care; she'll happily go along with someone's 'evil plans' out of sheer apathy.

MY TRUE SELF: Outside of her dreams, Madotsuki is a completely mundane little girl. If someone could find a way to reach the physical world in which she resides, they would easily be able to end her life.

COMBAT INEXPERIENCE: Simply put, while Madotsuki has some gimmicky powers and instinctual talent with fighting, she has absolutely no combat experience nor any relevant training. She's prone to clumsiness, will often misjudge the threat level of her opponent, panics when she's been hurt, and makes all kinds of other 'rookie mistakes' constantly. This can only be alleviated with time and practice on her part.


Title Date Scene Summary
Nexus May 1st, 2015 A sojourn into the dreams of an odd little girl begins.


Title Date Scene Summary
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The Effects

It bears mention that, while the Effects are extremely diverse in their applications, most all of them are completely isolated in their usage. This means that their effects can not overlap with one another unless explicitly stated, and using one power will automatically cancel whatever other one might already be in use.

KNIFE: An Effect that summons a knife into Madotsuki's hand. Oddly, it's powerful enough to be used for battle, and since it can be rematerialized in her hand at any time she will often use it as an impromptu kunai. This is her primary means of self-defense and can be used in conjunction with other abilities.

YUKI-ONNA: An Effect that transforms Madotsuki into the eponymous creature from Japanese mythology. In this form, she gains the ability to wield ice magic that can be used to freeze liquid surfaces, conjure high-velocity spears, bring up barriers around herself and others, and othersuch. Occupying this form also mitigates any negative impacts from being in extremely cold environments and allows her to sense/see spirits in a way similar to some magic users. This effect passively instigates snowfall within a mile radius unless there are extenuating factors in the atmosphere.

WITCH: Under the influence of this Effect, Madotsuki dons a traditional witch's hat and gains access to a myriad of standard issue magical powers the likes of bolts, flight via broom, telekineses, short-range teleportation, etc. This is her preferred attack form and the one she will most often participate in battle with.

UMBRELLA: An Effect that... well. Gives Madotsuki an umbrella. This also summons a light rain into an area that will last even after the ability itself has been canceled.

ONI: An Effect that transforms Madotsuki into a red-skinned demon with endurance -- and aggression -- in excess of her norm. This gives her access to more esoteric applications of lightning magic similar in their versatility to the ice powers of Yuki-Onna. She can send large 'beams' of lightning at her foes, charge up technology devoid of energy, electrify herself so that any attacks that connect with her person will have recoil damage, and similar. If it's already raining when this ability is used, she can conjure a thunderstorm, giving her access to far more powerful/accurate lightning bolts.

DWARF: This Effect makes Madotsuki shrink which, while making her effectively useless in combat, gives her the ability to fit into smaller spaces than most people, to hide in plain sight, etc. Additionally, Madotsuki can produce six clones of herself (not counting the original) while she's tiny so that she may accomplish several tasks at once.

COSMETIC: Madotsuki can make her hair grow longer, turn blond, or twist into an 'icecream' shape on a whim. These changes are no more nuanced than they sound, but they are sometimes useful if she needs to disguise herself.

CAT: An Effect that gives Madotsuki animal ears, a tail, and more slitted, catlike eyes. Beyond the changes in her aesthetic, this makes her far more quick on her feet, more perceptive of sights, sounds, and smells, and gives her the ability to converse with normally non-sapient animals, but these boons are countered by the drawbacks of a few cat stereotypes: a crippling fear of water and a propensity to chase after anything shiny. When in this form, her nails become veritable claws, allowing her to use her hands and agility to fight in close quarters.

LAMP: An effect that transforms Madotsuki's head into an electric streetlight. This prevents her from speaking but allows her and others to see in dark places.

GHOST: Madotsuki places a triangle kerchief on her forehead to make her form translucent and steal her legs in favor of a specter's 'tail'. In this form she can levitate, phase through walls, and become completely invisible if she remains perfectly still, but can not interact with others unless they are somehow spiritual themselves. In more unusual circumstances, she may use this ability to possess other creatures/people, briefly hijacking their movement, speech, and behavior. (Possession has a hard consent tag in all circumstances and will almost never be used on PCs.)

BICYCLE: Madotsuki summons a bicycle that can be used as an alternative, swift means of transportation.

As more Effects are discovered through RP, they will be added here.Dropped