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In a world overseen by the Time-Space Administration Bureau, an organization which polices over worlds and the use of magic to ensure peace across the universe, three fateful mages are born; Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, and Hayate Yagami. After a long, hard struggle, the first two have become close friends, putting a stop to the incident that would come to be known as the Jewel Seeds Incident. Not even a few months later, however, another crisis breaks out as the Book of Darkness, a powerful Lost Logia from ages past, took hold of the third mage, spawning bodyguards, the Wolkenritter, and its avatar, Reinforce, to collect Linker Cores and fill its pages.

As the book neared completion and awakened in a berserk state, Hayate, taking command of the Wolkenritter, Fate and Nanoha, alongside officials from the TSAB, notably Yuuno and Chrono, managed to fight off and destroy the Book of Darkness' defense program, freeing the Wolkenritter and Hayate from its curses. Following this, Reinforce, still alive, requested of Hayate and the others to destroy her as well, so that the Book of Darkness' true programming could not awaken again. Hayate refused, and in this moment of weakness, the book managed to unleash something unexpected: it created a new group of knights for itself, dark, twisted copies of the three powerful mages standing before it. Material-S, Material-L and Material-D fought the gathered heroes, and forcing them to retreat, took the Book of Darkness to withdraw as well, off to another world to recover.

On this new world, the Materials lead dual lives; as normal little girls, they manage to avoid the TSAB's watchful eyes and live a fairly normal life. As servants of the book, however, they ruthlessly hunt down mages for their Linker Cores, a metaphysical organ allowing the use of magic, so that they can sustain the Book of Darkness' existence. With the Multiverse now in sight, the Materials are about to discover a whole new array of possibilities, and many, many more Linker Cores to harvest.

Differences From Other Nanoha Themelists

This particular theme covers the PSP games continuity. That is, Battle of Aces, and (in the future, possibly, but probably not with time travel) Gears of Destiny. The major difference is that the Book of Darkness was NOT destroyed by Fate and Nanoha upon Hayate's request at the end of the second season (A's). Instead, Reinforce was able to remain and live with Hayate. Without an active Defense Program, the Unbreakable Dark sub-system of the Book of Darkness was able to awaken, dispatching one of its own sub-systems, the Eternal Ring. Using the data it took from Nanoha, Fate and Hayate, it created bodies for the three fragments of that sub-system, Wisdom, Power, and Lordship; Material-S, Material-L and Material-D respectively. From there the story goes; the Materials defeated the originals (but did not kill them) and ran off to join the Confederacy.

Who Do I Talk To About Apping?

Any of the Materials still played!

If you need a staff-level expert on the Nanoha theme in general, try Blue Elf.

Who's Appable?

More or less any of the FCs that existed in the time period one to three years after A's. Technically it is possible to app for Unbreakable Dark/Yuri Eberwein, but it would have to be a player all three Material players trust. The Florian sisters, while not explicitely unappable, would be pretty tough to get in. Other characters involved in Gears of Destiny via time travel shenanigans should be considered off the table for now. (Such as Vivio, Touma, Precia, etc.) OCs are naturally welcome, although a Material OC would require a pretty good pitch. (Not impossible, though!)

Significant Events

There was a several months long TP during which the Materials managed to fill the Book of Darkness, believing it would grant them freedom. It instead went rogue, consuming Material-L and Material-S for extra power, and causing Material-D to go berserk as the regenerated Defense Program. It is primarily thanks to the Materials' friendship with Emerald Blade, an Infernal Exalted, and several members of the Union, that they were able to be separated from the Book of Darkness again without destroying their psyches. The Defense Program was stopped, and several days later the Materials reformed, now aware of the Book's dark truth. Though they can't openly defy it, their efforts to fill it since then have slowed down dramatically, skirting the edge of the slowest possible collection rate the Lost Logia will allow them to use, while trying to come up with a plan for when they finally fill it up again.

Former Cast Without Wiki Pages

Material-D - OFC (as played by Himei)

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