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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

We are an application-only role playing site with broad inclusion of characters and settings from anime, video games, movies, books, sci-fi, and more. We are receptive to Alternate Universe takes on existing series, and original characters. If there's something you're interested in role playing, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here!

Connection Information


Port: 5001

Information & Registration

This wiki is a repository for MCM's in-game information, including news files, character profiles, logs, etc.

To request an account, please submit a WIKI REQUEST telling us who you are on the MUSH (sorry, non-players need not apply), what account name you'd like (please avoid using character @names unless they are names that are unlikely to be re-used if you quit), and what e-mail address you want your password sent to.

Command String: +request/wiki Wiki Account=<details here>

SceneSys Log Page

Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

    • This is currently broken. It'll be looked at when other code projects are complete. (4/29/18)**.

For an actual calendar view (which can give you full scene briefings): CLICK HERE!

SCENE TIMES APPEAR IN GMT/UTC. You can use THIS page to help find yourself.

Title Time Description
The Challenge-2 2021-10-28 23:00:00 (OOC: Placeholder. Limited either to Paladins or to people who are friends with Strange.)
The Royal Game Of Ur 2021-10-29 23:00:00 The Royal Game Of Ur/Mansa Musa's mysterious Master has invited the King of Heroes and all allied for a meeting. Having participated in the Closet of Babylon isn't necessary - just being positively-inclined towards Gilgamesh and willing to work with him is enough reason to assume an invitation.
It is probably not a trap. 
It is definitely CSYS.
The Wall of Dregs 2021-10-30 23:00:00 Having placed the mysterious city that doesn't exist at the physical end of the world, Priscilla and cohorts are to set out for whatever the hell it is that lies at the literal edge of existence.

The real Dark Souls starts here.

The DkS TP promised proper. Taking chwany attendancec/ that isn't kind of obviously Priscilla/Concord-hostile as a basis.

Monster Mash 2021-10-31 22:30:00 As if Trudy could resist hosting an event on the Night of Frights. Bring your fighting trousers. And fun costumes.
Digging Around in the City of Sound 2021-11-01 23:00:00 After all the goings on with the independence-seeking town at the coastal border of Cadenza, Cantio has caused something of a stir among multiple interested parties both inside and outside of the System. A certain detective has begun an investigation to uncover what he can of the musical city's ambitious second-in-command beneath her overachieving exterior.

The first step: Figuring out where she's doing her research on the Bugsters.

Investigation scene starting from inside a big city! Bring your thinking hats (or not) (the place loves tourists)

The Ship With No Name 2021-11-02 22:30:00 Ryukyuden. A floating dock in the Great Ocean long abandoned by its military origin; now occupied by a community of seafarers and scavengers. Until recently it was a nest of pirates and went by the name Keelhaul Quay. Rumor has it someone of great strength moved in, drove out or killed the pirates, and declared the site's new name in a single day.

Who is this person? Where did they come from? Is this a new threat, or has it turned a nest of scum into a bastion of peace?

Sequel to the Mirror Sea Incident All factions welcome Investigation and introduction of the new hub area for the next sequence.

Organization of Interest 2021-11-03 23:00:00 Sapient Heuristics is a Concord-funded lab mass-producing psychic children (Persephone Kore among its subjects), supposedly in the name of reshaping reality. This is concerning if it's merely a pretense, and even more concerning if it's not. Lilian Rook wants her fellow c+xterm106Paladinsc/ to aid in investigating, and possibly sabotaging, their project.
The main problem is that nobody knows where Sapient Heuristics cuisc/, besides "space". But Paladins analysts have uncovered part of their logistics network by following purhcases of esoteric scientific equipment. One way or another, you'll have to trace it to its destination. 
c+xterm106Paladins-onlyc/ scene, probable csys, likely to be part 1 of 3 of a fun mini-plot. Attendance at this scene is recommended, but not required, for attending the later two.
SC5: Music Makes You Lose Control 2021-11-05 23:00:00 The Paladins finally come face to face with the instigator of all of this: Purge himself. But he still has Agent J under his thrall, and he still has a few other cards left to play...


Paladins-preffered scene. Noncombat.

The Challenge-3 2021-11-06 23:00:00 (OOC: Placeholder. Limited either to Paladins or to people who are friends with Strange.)
KRE:Beta Testing 2021-11-08 00:00:00 Final scene of the series and a fight against Kamen Rider Shigeru Miyamoto Genm.
	 Attendance to one of the previous Bugster scenes I ran is required to join. PVE and CSYS.
SORG 6: Uptown 2021-11-11 00:00:00 With the mob's loyalty secured, it's finally time to dismantle the heart of the Mayor's power: The police headquarters. It just so happens that this same HQ is located smack dab in the center of the underground city's confusingly named Uptown district despite being located further underground than any previous zone.

Whatever the case is, though, freeing the city from the Mayor's grip is within sight. All that's left is to figure out how to rip out its heart or turn it to their own ends.

As usual, scene is open to whoever wants in, whether they're there to accomplish the general mission or do their own thing entirely. Nothing is off limits, but mind the explosions.

SC5: A Song of Ink and Freedom 2021-11-13 00:00:00 The plot finale.

Boss fight against ???, and then a choice. Prior scene attendance strongly preferred.

The Challenge: Finale 2021-11-14 00:00:00 (OOC: Placeholder. Limited either to Paladins or to people who are friends with Strange.)
One Year Hence 2022-07-29 23:00:00 The Green Knight always makes good on his oaths. One year later, has a pharmaceutical mogul truly changed for the better, and made amends?