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Mantigora (Scenesys ID: 583)
"No distance in the galaxy will hide you forever."
Full Name: Mantigora Vertibraeker
Gender: Female
Species: Draken
Theme: (OC) Wildstar-1
Function: Bounty Huntress
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Adult (Mid-20s?) Actual Age: Uncertain Due To Cryosleep
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 6' 5" Weight: Strong Athletic Build
Hair Color: Blood Red Eye Color: Yellow on Red Sclara
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The Draken are a race of noble savages, reveling in the art of warfare and the thrill of the hunt, known as some of the most brutal and effective combatants in the Dominion military. Mantigora has taken the predatory nature a step farther, chasing high priority targets and other potential threats to the Dominion's goals. Typically the ones your standard rank and file can't handle. Long story short, Nexus is full of some really weird stuff out there. Mantigora is a highly capable close-quarters combatant utilizing a combination of physical aggressiveness, tactical cunning, and the cutting edge of military grade technology. With deadly clawblades and the advanced stealth capabilities of her nano-suit she can swiftly track and strike her targets. Regardless of how she may justify it as part of the job Mantigora has an undeniably aggressive blood-lust, often focusing on her intended quarry to the point of not paying attention of the broader scope of matters. Her combat technique is very melee oriented, and while she does have long distance attacks they are designed more to harass and debilitate foes than inflict extensive harm, leaving her at a disadvantage against foes that can swiftly evade her proximity in a fight.










Aggressiveness: An aggressive nature is normal for Draken, it's part of what makes them such fearsome combatants. But it is also a social difficulty with other races. Mantigora tends to be blunt, confrontational if she feels she is being brushed aside, and in general not beyond resolving matters with verbal or physical retaliation even when she -is- being reasonable. Because beating someone down before they do something even stupider to get themselves killed, or worse, is an entirely reasonable solution in Draken society.

Bloodlust: It doesn't matter if she justifies it as part of her job, part of conquering a planet, or part of being a hunter; there is no denying that Mantigora really enjoys when she gets to kill someone or something. The bigger and more challenging the prey the better, but just striking down a pest in the course of a mission is enough to let her more bloodthirsty nature show. If the need arrises she will happily utilize torture and strong-arm intimidation tactics to get information out of her victims. Even with her cunning and tactical skills in mind, seeing a foe bleeding and weakened is intoxicating, narrowing her focus more and more on that potential kill to be had, until her fixation is on her quarry and little else. This tendency to go into obsessive tunnel vision is the easiest time to catch her off-guard, potentially nullifying the very kill she was intent on.

Necrophobia: Though not an outright fear of the undead, dealing with such things makes Mantigora extremely uncomfortable and edgy. Death is one of the few things that Draken culture holds in as high of honor as their own personal codes, respecting both their fallen ancestors and the greatest prey they've hunted. To reanimate the dead with dark magic or science is one of the worst dishonors you can enact, and one of the few things strictly forbidden by their society. For Mantigora this is even more personal, as her former colleague has fallen to such power corruption, and has tried to kill her so she can reanimate her as another undead warrior. Needless to say, Mantigora can barely tolerate the undead, even working near those controlled by allies makes her uneasy. She will lash out at unliving enemies without hesitation.

Stealth Limitations: The Nano-Skin Suit's stealth power is strong, but not infallible. Most notibly is that the cloaking field only shields Manticora from the visible spectrum, and attempts to cancel out basic technological detections with the combination of electronic disruption and holographic optical camoflague. It does not prevent her from being attacked or struck by indirect attacks, which will cancel out the field if she is hit. Advanced means specifically designed towards detecting stealth and cloaking have a higher chance of detecting her, particularly thermal imaging that can pick up her heat signature (though her body heat is lower than average due to being reptilian). At close proximity sharp senses may hear her buffered movements, or notice the faint 'ripple' in the air from the cloaking field.

Nanotech Limitations: The nanotechnology incorperated into Mantigora's body is expended to produce the nano-suit's projectile attacks, manage its defense and support functions, or energize certain techniques with her clawblades. While it will never be completely depleted and does regenerate over time, it is not instantaneous in doing so and draining the current available supply will leave Mantigora at a considerable disadvantage. She will not be able to use her stealth abilities, nanotech spawned projectiles or amplified strikes.

Sensative Balance: Draken rely greatly on their serpentine tails to maintain their sense of balance and upright stance. Especially for Mantigora, as the combat style she utilizes with her clawblades requires extensive mobility and swiftness, using the motion of her tail to offset the weight of the weapons when she's striking or deflecting attacks. Crippling or otherwise restricting the movement of her tail will severely hinder her ability to move quickly and engage in more elaborate physical techniques.

Bound By Blood Honor: When Azrion the Conquerer, legendary Emperor of old, came to Mikros and defeated the highest clanlord Zhur in ceremonial combat, the Draken as a race swore their eternal loyalty to his family. To this day they continue to serve his heirs in the Emperor lineage, and through it are bound to serve the Dominion without hesitation or remorse. In exchange they were given the Deradune region of Nexus to do with as they wish. Even those such as Mantigora who do not directly serve in the military will always respond to the call of the empire because of this historical blood honor. Combined with how her job as a bounty huntress can take her far away for extended periods of time, sometimes she just is not there to fight, or will be forced to drop everything else to respond to a call for assistance her people simply cannot ignore.


Title Date Scene Summary
Visiting Old Friends December 30th, 2015 Yari and company track down her would-be assassins. Blood is spilled, tears are shed, Gawain gets a new mount, and Archer is even more of a jerk than usual.
Healing among Friends December 30th, 2015 Confederate Elites visit Yari after her 'death'.
Explainations Owed December 22nd, 2015 Yari Takane tells the story of her ninja clan, and who's after her and Linh. Her friends and allies and jerk-allies offer help.
Paint The House REd December 18th, 2015 A dangerous necromantic artifact is stolen from the Confederacy by the yakuza, and some Confederates and a syndicate member go after it1 People get shot, stabbed, and there's a giant horror ball. Also buckshot is the worst.
Pillage and Plunder October 27th, 2015 Yari Takane, Sanary Rondel, and Mantigora seek vengeance against the Ayame clan for their actions against Yari.
Get Out Alive October 24th, 2015 The Ayame Clan of ninja spring their trap on one Yari Takane. The mercenaries sent after her have her cornered in a small town in the Asian Plains, but the intervention of her hornsister Mantigora turns the trap into a bloodbath for the sleepy town.
WMAT AQ2 Rebound vs Mantigora September 3rd, 2015 Rebound and Mantigora compete in the WMAT qualifiers!
The Rumble in the Jungle August 28th, 2015 The Union responds to a newly-unified world, seeking to arrest a notorious arms dealer. The Confederacy also responds, seeking to claim his new "superweapon" for themselves.
WMAT AQ1 Fuki vs Mantigora vs Ika Musume August 15th, 2015 A three way fight between Fuki, Mantigora and Ika Musume. The results aren't squidding you!
WMAT 2015 Opening Ceremonies July 30th, 2015 Mister Satan and Mistress of Ceremonies Mizuki kick off the World Martial Arts Tournament with a special opening ceremonies event!
Hyurtarian aid in Garlemald. July 21st, 2015 Picking up the pieces after the Dravinian assault on Garlemald's capital. Mihk, Mantigora and her sidekick, Ariah and Valentha all pitch in picking out survivors from the wreckage, and treating the wounded.
A Quiet Storm June 30th, 2015 Royce Artega and Zephyr Windstar lead a group of Elites on a dangerous hunt for a Lost Logia. The artifact is found, cornered and sealed... but it only leaves more questions. Where to next?
Land So Far From Home June 20th, 2015 Movement has been picked up by both Union and Confederacy. An unknown group has begun to make camp and individuals go to see who has moved into the Crystal Valley.
The Festival of Fear June 8th, 2015 A Hallowed Jhen Mohran has been sighted in the Great Desert. The presence of this incredibly rare subspecies in time for this particular Festival of Fear can only be an incredible sign of good fortune, and for that reason people even outside of Wyveria's borders are invited to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Troll Rave Party! May 23rd, 2015 Trolls get hopped up on superadine and start rampaging! Someone has to put a stop to it!
No Castrum Standing May 9th, 2015 The Castrum within Coerthas has been invaded by a surprise attack. It seems the Dravanian Knights are after Legatus Aries' head. Can everyone save him in time? Or will it be to late?
Razer Strikes! April 25th, 2015 Razer tracks down rumors of Green Lanterns, only to be intercepted by some Union Elites...
Rancor Huntin' March 29th, 2015 Juno Eclipse takes Lute and a small war-party to Felucia to capture a rancor egg for his monster collection.
All Hail March 26th, 2015 The Garlean Empire hosts a parade procession, and invites its Confederate allies to attend as guests of honour.
Lizards and Pokemon Trainers February 20th, 2015 Lute, yari, and Mantigora meet up at the Bar and Grill
So Far Away From Home January 31st, 2015 The Dravanian Horde comes out once more, taking flight against a poor farmers town, and the best of the Multiverse come to match them. Though the Dravanians are not the only ones to march this day.
Welcome To The Citadel January 24th, 2015 With a new recruit in Gaius' ranks, the young woman is taken to the Citadel, where she gets to meet a few Confederates. This also leads the young woman into a spar with an equal elegant Bounty Hunter.
Ladies Locking Horns January 24th, 2015 The Bounty Hunter Mantigora puts Gaius' new recruit through a few paces.
An Offering Of Service January 20th, 2015 Gaius Van Baelsar offers Mantigora a position within his Legion.
The Dragon's Den January 10th, 2015 After The events at Mor Dhona, unleashing something from the past made new again. A Team goes down into the ruins of the Allagan Structure in order to find answers. What they do find is only more questions.
Prelude: Upon The Flames Of Rebirth January 8th, 2015 When fate is altered and warnings not heard by all. A new era awakens and demons of old pasts made new. This is the Prelude and the beginning of a new, dark, dawn.
Garlemald Party December 20th, 2014 The Garleans are having a party and the members of the Confederacy are invited.
Into The Mountains: Sleeping Fate December 6th, 2014 The Allagan Ruins continue to hold untold mystery and as explorers poke further on the second floor, more dark truths start to be told that only lead to further questions.
Into The Mountains November 21st, 2014 The Confederacy is brought along for an expedition into an old Allagan Ruin located high into the Ala Mhigo mountainside. None know what to expect and what they find on the first level, is just the beginning...
Confederate War Council 111614 November 16th, 2014 The Confederates meet to discuss current and forthcoming activity.
Tech Realm Double Trouble November 12th, 2014 The Realm War kicks up again with another pair of Champions showing up with their robot legions to try and pick off a 'weak' champion. Only to learn that Dex Alruin is no longer as weak as even he thinks.
The Desert Gourmand October 24th, 2014 A hunting trip to make safe an area of desert that many caravans and merchants have to use.
TZ: Battle Over A Rock October 18th, 2014 What was to be a simple capture target operation, became a bit more then just that.
Operation: Fallen Titan October 5th, 2014 Rebecca Kismarin heads home... but is intercepted over Algeria. The Titan's Redoubt is heavily damaged and forced down by a Large UFO. Can XCOM and their Elite allies rescue the Corporate Maven? Find out, dear reader.
Urban Danger October 3rd, 2014 Through the unnatural fog that casts itself into the Eastern Ruins, something wicked is soon to come and those who face its blade, may know of the horrors that is the Dark Divinity.
Enter The Draken October 2nd, 2014 Mantigora strikes a survey camp to get a taste of the sort of opposition she's going to be dealing with now.


Title Date Scene Summary
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