Marida Cruz (Dropped)

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Marida Cruz (Scenesys ID: 17)
"No one can live without a light. Some say you can live without that, but if that's true, then they must be optimists or detached from reality."
Full Name: Ple Twelve
Gender: Female
Species: Cyber Newtype
Theme: (FC) Gundam: Universal Century-1R
Function: Mobile Suit Pilot
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Yuko Kaida
Height: 5'4" Weight: 55kg
Hair Color: Orange Eye Color: Purple-Blue
Theme Song:


MARIDA CRUZ was once known as PLE (pronounced Plu) TWELVE, an articial Newtype clone of the original Elpeo Ple made for the purposes of piloting special Mobile Suits (for war). When hers was badly damaged, she was captured by slavers and spent several months in forced labor before being saved by Suberoa Zinnerman of the Neo Zeon remnant force "The Sleeves". Identifying him as her new master, and being named by him after his dead daughter, she now serves under him. Somewhat cold and emotionally crippled, Marida has difficulty expressing herself outside of military terms and circumstances, and thus has a strong preference for always acting like an ideal, patriotic soldier, whose sole hopes in life are her master's. She rationalizes very predictably, always thinking in black and white: people are either allies, or they're not. Don't question a superior officer, and don't trust an enemy. But occasionally there are hints of a girl in there, who is trying her best to live a life she'll be content with. Though not a bad fighter on her own, as a Mobile Suit pilot Marida's real strength comes when she's in a cockpit. Her personal one, the "Quad-Wing" Kshatriya, is everything a good pilot should ever want out of a machine: more weaponry than is necessary, and surprising speed for its bulk.










HEART CONDITIONS: Due to the cloning process used to create her, as well as punishment inflicted upon her by slavers, Marida suffered from about a dozen different heart conditions. These do not normally affect her on a day to day basis, but when heavily injured she tends to require special treatment.

BRED FOR WAR: Marida has a difficult time sympathizing with people, despite being able to understand them perfectly. She can't disobey or question orders very easily, generally cannot see the wrong in military actions, and is only at her best when she has someone else to make the big tactical decisions for her. This can also make her predictable when there is an obvious choice a military-minded person would take in any given situation.

SELF WORTH: A bit of a zealot, Marida thinks heavily in black and white, and has very little drive to be an individual. Her "happiness" stems almost exclusively from "doing her job properly". This is something that could be eroded over time by the right individuals and treatment.

CONDITIONING: Of her original conditioning (besides what is covered in BRED FOR WAR and SELF WORTH), Marida retains a deep hatred for Gundams. When encountering one, her objective will almost always change to "destroy the Gundam" and it would take a direct order to make her stop.

NEWTYPE PRESENCE: Newtypes do not have the ability to camouflage their presence or use of powers. Anyone able to sense psychics (and other Newtypes) will be able to pinpoint Marida's presence when she's within range. On a case by case basis, other things may be picked up. (Page Marida!)

NEWTYPE FEEDBACK: During battle (especially with other Newtypes/psychics) it is possible for Marida and her opponent to share memories and feelings on a more open bridge than usual, i.e. to achieve perfect mutual empathy. In extreme circumstances this can be bad. (Consent required where applicable.)

NEWTYPE EMPATHY: A sufficienty advanced Newtype (such as Marida) receives data from other living beings almost without fail when they experience great emotions, good or bad. This is most notable when people die, as their death throes produce significant noise. (Consent required where applicable.)

EQUIPMENT RELIANCE: Marida's effectiveness depends entirely on what is available to her. Unarmed, she's not much more formidable than any other human with basic military training and very mild procognitive abilities. With a decent weapon or firearm, she could go up against a small squad of SWAT-like individuals. With anti-vehicle weaponry (rocket launcher, etc.) and sufficient terrain advantage she could put up an okay-ish fight with mechas from her theme or the average Elite. With access to her Mobile Suit, she is a formidable opponent in general.


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