Marie Mjolnir (Dropped)

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Marie Mjolnir (Scenesys ID: 315)
"Please don't remind me...!"
Full Name: Marie Mjolnir
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Weapon
Theme: (FC) Soul Eater-1
Function: DWMA Teacher
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20ies Actual Age: Late 20ies
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5'5" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Yellow Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song:


Marie Mjolnir was a Death Weapon student of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, having graduated as a full-on Death Scythe after eating ninety-nine souls that were on Lord Death's list as well as one witch's soul. A caring, compassionate woman, after her graduation she opted to take over the DWMA outpost over the Oceania area. Unfortunately for her, due to the release of the Kishin Asura, Marie has been called back to the DWMA to serve as a teacher and as a partner to her Meister, Doctor Franken Stein. Capable of enhancing her Meister as well as herself, Marie takes the form of a hammer or a tonfa depending on the need in battle. Marie is not perfect; she requires a Meister to make the most of her skills, gets lost frequently, and when it comes to her students or those she cares about, Marie will do everything in her power to protect them, often at the risk of her own life. When she's not found fighting her opponents or teaching, she instead can be found lazing about with a good cup of tea, reading the latest gossip magazines...or wondering how she ended up in China.










COMPASSION: Marie is an undeniably compassionate woman, one who is willing to forgive easily, even though it takes her a long time to forget. Her compassion leaves her vulnerable to deceptions, such as an enemy pretending he's changed his ways.

DIRECTIONS: Marie has a hopeless sense of direction. She's capable of getting lost within the DWMA, even after living there for years.

EYEPATCH: Marie wears a eye patch over her left eye. This causes obvious issues like problems with depth perception, an inability to see attacks coming from the left-hand side, and so on.

JUST HUMAN: Being a Demon Weapon causes Marie to be a powerful, indestructible tool while transformed; however, out of her transformation, she is nothing more than a simple human -- there's nothing special about her. Injury or sickness taken as a human requires recovery times, even if her Weapon form doesn't even show a scratch. Injuries might also make it hard for her to transform. She also does not possess her enhanced strength, speed, or endurance as a human, and relies on her basic combat training.

PROTECTIVE: Marie is incredibly protective of those that she considers her students, and will not forgive anyone that ever tries to hurt them. Were any of them in trouble, Marie would do whatever she could to protect them, even at risk of her own life.

SOUL REJECTION: For a Weapon to be at her best requires aligning her soul with a compatible Meister. This can be tried by anyone, but finding two truly compatible souls can be difficult, and it's risky. Those that are not compatible suffer from Soul Rejection, which has varying consequences and penalties to both Meister and Weapon. The most minor of consequences can cause such things as less effectiveness in battle, as well as an altered temperament. At the worst extremes, it can cause things like pain for both of them as well as the potential to incapacitate them. (Consent may be required. PL drops to 26 or lower in accordance to Soul Rejection.)

UNKNOWN STRENGTH: Marie has a very bad habit of forgetting her own strength, often inadvertently activating part of her Demon Weapon power while she's in a friendly fight, which can result in more injury than was meant.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT C1 Beelzebumon vs. Marie Mjolnir June 20th, 2014 In the first round of WMAT 2014, C Bracket opponents Beelzebumon and Marie Mjolnir (accompanied by her Meister, Dr. Franken Stein), fight in the Yunzabit Heights to great acclaim with enthusiastic hosting done by Mizuki.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Marie's Info

The following can be accessed on-game via +info Marie.

This is a detailed listing of the abilities that Marie has as a Death Weapon, including her traits as a weapon, a partially-transformed human weapon, and others.

Black Cylinders: In battle without a Meister, Marie is capable of applying her partial transformation by extending a very small black cylinder from beneath her skin, which results in a massive increase of strength. Using the Cylinders causes her to go from her normal, human strength, to slightly less strength than she enjoys at her completely transformed state. (PL 30)

Healing Wavelength: Madness is a force of rage, chaos, and hate that is spread by the Soul Wavelengths of certain people, notably the Kishin. Marie has a unique Soul Wavelength, known as a 'Healing Wavelength', that allows her soul to resonate and calm the latent madness that resides within others, so that they will not be overcome with the insanity. (Consent required for use. Wavelength may be limited if used on similar 'insanity' effects outside Marie's theme.)

Internal Generation: While undergoing immense emotional distress, or using intense concentration, Marie is capable of generating large amounts of electrical currents at a precise point within her own body. This allows her to incinerate most sorts of foreign bodies that might be within her.

Lightning Rope/Izuna: This supplementary technique requires a Meister to be used. While in Weapon Form, Marie encircles her Meister's wrist, allowing her to directly interface with their body's nervous system. By using her natural electrical generation, this stimulates their neural synapses to the limit, dramatically increasing locomotive and reactionary skills. Due to the nature of this technique, it comes at cost to the Meister, and can only be used for a very short period of time, lest the repercussions prove to be severe... or fatal. The technique can cause chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations, and other minor symptoms such as tremors, insomnia, or a headache depending on the length of use. (Consent required for use.)

Triquetra Attack: While performing Soul Resonance while Lightning Rope is active, Marie's weapon form distorts, becoming two intertwining beams of energy that emanate from a triquetra symbol. When the energy beam that emanates from the symbol collides with the target, it enlarges and results in a powerful destructive blast.

This is a listing of Stein's personal powers.

Combatant: Stein is a very strong physical fighter who is well-versed in numerous martial arts techniques. Even without a Weapon he is capable of taking down strong Meisters; however, he's at his best with a Weapon.

Meister: Stein is a extremely versatile Meister, capable of proficiently wielding various Weapons and their various forms within moments of picking them up. This is due to his spiritual flexibility and understanding of his Soul Wavelength.

Soul Studies: Stein is a undeniable genius when it comes to his knowledge and understanding of Soul Studies and Soul Wavelengths. This has allowed him to learn how to manipulate his own Wavelength to nullify or disrupt other Soul Wavelength attacks. He does not require a Weapon, as his own Soul Wavelength is so high that he can channel it into a variety of techniques known as 'Soul Menace', as well as other Weapon-required techniques.

Soul Menace: By resonating with his own soul, Stein can drive his own Soul Wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike. This incompatible Wavelength can cause internal damage as well as strong direct damage.

Successive Palm Soul Menace - Three Extremes "Wei" "Wu" "Shu": A three-strike, more powerful variation of the Soul Menace technique. It inflicts stronger direct damage, but prioritizes internal damage. (Consent required.)

Two Palm Soul Menace - Twin Spears: A double-handed variation of Soul Menace. It uses the exact same principle, but the use of two hands greatly amplifies the attack's power.

Genius: Stein has a high amount of intelligence and is very observant. This has made him a trusted adviser and something close to a friend to Lord Death, who keeps him at the Academy for advice.

Soul Thread Sutures: In order to use this attack, Stein requires a Weapon. It works by attacking an individual with his own Soul Wavelength. While both Stein and his Weapon concentrates, residue generated from their Soul Wavelength attaches itself to the skin of their opponent, locking down their movements and leaving them open to attacks. This is a strictly temporary effect. (Consent required, equivalent of a Stun +attack.)

Soul Thread Diffusion Sutures: A variation of the above; however, this one completely locks down the opponent, and requires total concentration of Stein and his Weapon, resulting in both being unable to move. (Consent required. Equivalent of a Stun on both Marie/Stein and their opponent.)