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There is a multiverse of possible worlds out there, one is a branch of universes known by some as the Marvel Universe. A place of heroes and villains with incredible powers. One of the sub-universes of this dimension is known as Earth-616 has seen heroes and villains rise and fall. It's seen Civil War and invasions, it's seen the world threatened and saved time and time again. Now, the Marvel Universe is going through another tumultuous time. Conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men has reshaped facets of the Marvel Universe, new heroes have arisen and old mantles have been picked up by successors. It's been roughly a year since the Skrull mounted their Secret Invasion of Earth and the world is still feeling the aftershocks. The Avengers have reorganized as have the X-Men, a new hero has taken up the mantle of Nova and Spider-Man seems to have started down a darker, more violent path. (Note: This universe takes place roughly around the mid-point of the Marvel NOW revamp event.)