Mary Isofon

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Mary Isofon (Scenesys ID: 697)
"If I said that you were just a figment of my imagination, would you believe me? ... would you want to?"
Full Name: Mary Isofon
Gender: Female
Species: Angel?
Theme: (OC) The Between Hours-1R
Function: Nostalgia
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 13 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 4'11 (125cm) Weight: Light as a feather.
Hair Color: Platinum blond Eye Color: Emerald
Theme Song:


Mary Isofon dwells in a world that, in days long forgotten, was cleaved in two -- one iteration of it exists in the first twenty-four hour period and one in the other. An Interstitial who retains her memories in both of the segregated realities, she has lived two lives since an accident that nearly killed her. She vehemently prefers her existence in Figment, the fantastical half, as a close friend of the Quilt Monarchs and an angel whose occupation it is to do favors for the quirky inhabitants of the land. Seldom will she ever discuss the other life, and whenever it is brought into question by those with whom she is not well acquainted she will immediately grow anxious and angry. Whatever dark secrets hide in that more mundane reality are a constant fixation for the girl, and the foremost goal in her mind is to freeze the cycle of hours on the Figment side so that she may be free of them forever. Petty, sarcastic, and childish on the surface, those whom Mary is able to rally to this cause are few, but any person she does call friend sees a sort of love and softness that just might transcend the typical limitations of the human experience. This love is an enduring thing, too, her loyalty often coaxing her to use her elemental magic, manipulation of memories, and blanket whip in their defense. Otherwise, though, the only time she will lift a finger is in the interest of her own aims.










WHEN THE CLOCK CHIMES MIDNIGHT: Mary only has access to her powers during the second twenty-four hour cycle of her world, and this clock is ticking constantly even as she's in other places around the Multiverse. Should the day end there while she's out, she would immediately lose access to all of her powers, and depending on the circumstances she may even be dragged back into her homeworld outright. To make matters even worse, this cycle is prone to erratic fluctuation and often can't be planned for.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: Though she keeps it extremely private, Mary's form in Figment is quite different from the one she occupies in the more mundane other side of her world. She is extremely sensitive about this alternative appearance of hers, and if anyone learns of this who shouldn't, it would be easy to torment her with the idea and even easier still if they could find some record of what that version of her looks like. This can make her composure fall apart completely, throwing her into either a fit of rage or a panicked state in which she is essentially incapacitated depending on the manner in which it is framed.

TRANSCENDENTAL BRAT: Mary is, in most cases, literally incapable of recognizing others as real people. Though this is rarely an impediment to her communication with them or even her forming bonds with them, when you get down to it they are the dolls in her toychest and the characters in a story that revolves around her. Put another way, she has a startling lack of empathy that gives her a capacity for amazing feats of cruelty from a sort of twisted innocence. Still, she doesn't derive any actual joy from harming others and will only do so with some other end in mind.

SCARED OF THE DARK: Or at the least things of a dark inclination. Mary's own 'holy' lean means that she's naturally vulnerable to chaotic, demonic, or dark-aligned magic. Any such powers will have more substantial affects on her than they might others.

TEMPER, TEMPER: Mary isn't wont to pout as incessantly or easily as a stereotypical child, perhaps, but she is still fairly quick to anger. Even if she does not show it on the surface, she will often form grudges, and these can stem from things as consequential as battles to things as petty and circumstantial as rude remarks. She has a phenomenal memory for these things that annoy her, and if one makes a poor first impression it is unlikely that she will ever change her opinion of them. This could occasionally mean extreme irrationality if someone pushes one of her buttons, an especially wretched example being the one demonstrated in 'Through the Looking Glass'.

VICARIOUS TRAUMA: In order to take a memory from another person, Mary must accept that experience into herself in kind. If these memories are too painful, then they will often be rejected, both nullifying any helpfulness their absorption might have constituted and scarring her instead. Occasionally these memories may 'stick' anyway and cause more lasting damage to her mentality.

BUTTERFLY, BUTTERFLY: When Mary's body is fragmented into a butterfly swarm, these entities can be killed individually. They will passively return to life as she is given time to rest and being 'incomplete' will never bar her from reassuming her human shape, but theoretically she could be killed outright if all the butterflies were destroyed before any could regenerate. Also, the fewer butterflies she has with her, the more cumbersome it is for her to use her powers, making whittling away at their numbers an effectual way of incapacitating her completely.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Royal Reception February 10th, 2015 The Quilt Monarchs hold a party to celebrate the elites of the Multiverse.


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