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Material-S (Scenesys ID: 177)
"Resistance only brings misery."
Full Name: Material-S (AKA Seikou Starks, AKA Stern Starks)
Gender: Female
Species: Material
Theme: (OFC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-3
Function: Starlight Destroyer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (6-Lieutenant)
Groups: Veritas Arcanum
Other Information
Physical Age: 9 Actual Age: 3
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura
Height: 4'8" Weight: 78 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Dark Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


The dark copy of Nanoha brought forth by the Defense Program of the Book of Darkness, Material-S has all the power and stubbornness of her original, with the hand to hand skill of Vita and the defensive abilities of Zafira. As a creation of the Book of Darkness, Material-S is bound to the Book as both a servant and a guardian, though she has a generous amount of free will within the boundaries of protection and acquiring knowledge. She takes on some of the characteristics of her original, and inverts others. Polite and calm, she does her duties without complaint or question. When not in battle, she can be quite civil.










Material Fragment: Created and sustained by mana from the Book of Darkness, Material Fragments will cease to exist if the Book decides they are no longer useful, or if the book is destroyed. Certain powerful anti-magic attacks may also injure them, though this is less consistent.

Servant of the Book of Darkness: The Materials are bound to the whims of the Book of Darkness. Though it allows them to learn and evolve, it will not allow them to develop the ability to defy it, or to acquire knowledge, skills or abilities that may allow them to break free. As a result, the Book of Darkness can, without notice, strip the Materials of any abilities, skills or knowledge they have acquired that it does not agree they should have; it can also, as needed, alter their personalities back into what they should be. To this end, the Materials can be considered to be duty-bound to the Book of Darkness, an instinct to protect and serve it programmed deep into their personality.

Self-Sacrificing: Like the template upon which she is based, Material-S is not one to complain about stress to her body or mind. This means she tends to overdo it, and will always be the one to stay behind and hold off the enemy, or the one to use her last ounce of strength in a gamble to defeat her opponent, if she deems it necessary. She will normally only retreat from a fight if the objective has already been achieved, or if the other Materials force her.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT C1 Material-S vs Testarossa Fate September 20th, 2015 Material-S and Testarossa Fate collide in the WMAT!
WMAT Preliminary: HOMURA vs. SEIKOU! July 28th, 2015 Homura Akemi and Seikou Starks, champions from last year's WMAT, honor the ring with a friendly battle to see which champ is best!
Ixpellia December 14th, 2014 The source of the Mariage is found... but what about Hayate?
First Target: Nassel November 13th, 2014 The Union and Confederacy investigate a Mariage threat, hunting for the source.
The Helpful Mage October 26th, 2014 The Confederacy and the Union team up with the Wolkenritter to investigate the Mariage. Their first stop: a helpful doctor by the name of Scaglietti...
Don't You Wish You Had A Banana September 25th, 2014 The Confederacy and the Union both respond to incidents in Uminari... and discover things are more dire than they thought
A Hunting We Will Go September 6th, 2014 Lila and Amalthea go shopping... and WOLKENRITTER ATTACK! And then... GIANT ROBOTS!
WMAT 2014 Closing Ceremonies August 24th, 2014 Closing ceremonies for the 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament.
OPERATION: SHUTDOWN August 18th, 2014 The Fight for the Valley of Namamura -- Yunomi Stadler comes to take back her home, fighting against the Planet Trade Organization headed by Gohan!
WMAT CF T. Nanoha vs. Material-S August 12th, 2014 The final bout is here. Young Takamachi Nanoha against Material-S, a construct created just to defeat Nanoha herself. Can she triumph against her more experienced foe?
WMAT C4 Material-S vs Procyana August 3rd, 2014 The tech raccoon against the Material of Wisdom, in a blowout, shootout fight that has plenty of fireworks for everyone!
WMAT C2 Summer Powers vs. Material-S July 10th, 2014 Material-S fights Summer Powers in the WMAT, with Material-S coming out victorious.
WMAT C1 Kaydon vs. Material-S June 23rd, 2014 It's the reigning champion, the magical girl clone MATERIAL-S up against the hardened stag of battle, KAYDON in this Round 1 C Bracket fight!


Title Date Scene Summary
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