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Maya Antares (Scenesys ID: 851)
"No, Urik, I'm staying here. We're fine – my defense is holding. Someone's got to stay on point."
Full Name: Maya Antares, née Vlasova
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Sorceress)
Theme: (OFC) The Red Star-1R
Function: Warkaster
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated ()
Other Information
Physical Age: Late 30s Actual Age: 38
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5.6" Weight: Average
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A Sorceress formerly of the United Republics of the Red Star, Maya Antares is a formidable combatant and magician who wields reality-warping powers in the defense of her friends, family, and future. She and the crew of the Skyfurnace Konstantinov mutinied when they discovered a higher calling, now seeking the Soul Prison Archangel to free the spirits of ages past from their cruel and unjust imprisonment. As part of that duty Maya seeks her lost husband Marcus Antares, whom she thought died ten years ago, and will let nothing stand between their reunion. Maya is outwardly gentle and unassuming, with a bit of a nerdy streak and love of romanticism; it hides a heart of fire and steel. She'll stop at nothing to defend her friends, family, and comrades when threatened, even if it means sacrificing herself. Now, she and the Konstantinov sail the unfriendly skies of the multiverse in search of Archangel...



  • Informnet: The Informnet is a limited psychic network maintained by the Sorceresses aboard the Konstantinov. Primarily, it allows for instantaneous, secure communication among the crew of the ship, and access to State databases aboard the ship's limited computers. It also allows for any Sorceress to interface with parts of the ship or machinery aboard the ship to assess its condition or operate it more quickly and accurately, such as forming a technomagical HUD to inspect hull integrity. As the ranking Sorceress and Warkaster aboard the ship, Maya has full access to the Informnet, and her multiversal radio is augmented with its support.
  • Sorceress: A Sorceress is a magically-gifted individual able to bend or rewrite the laws of reality itself. Maya has abilities that range from minor telekinesis to large-scale manipulation of the elements. These effects, "Protocols," may be combat or civilian in nature. Maya's most complex and damaging Protocols require support from the Informkasters aboard the Konstantinov, requiring them to act in concert. (Maya Antares alone merits PL 33. See NPCs section for more detail. See +info Maya Antares/Protocols for more information.)


  • Cold Weather Champ: Maya Antares comes from a very, very cold place. She's physically acclimated to it, and while she can't exactly go strolling in a snowstorm without protection, cold weather just doesn't bother her as much as it does some people.
  • Cool Under Fire: Despite all the horrible things she's borne witness to, Maya is very good at keeping a lid on her emotions when it comes to crunch time. No matter how chaotic things may get, she is the calm in the storm, able to act and issue commands with cold clarity, and providing a voice of reason to her closest companions. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to shake her confidence and calm, although there are things that can certainly find the cracks in her armour.
  • Etiquette: No matter the situation, Sorceress-Major Antares is unfailingly prompt and polite. She knows how to address superiors with respect and how to address inferiors with dignity. This has carried over to the multiverse and its factions; for even the Confederacy she treats with dignity.


  • Greatcoat: In addition to her sorcerous equipment, Maya keeps a greatcoat on her at all times; although not armoured, it does provide a certain amount of protection from weak attacks and the elements. It's an exceedingly heavy garment, both because of its fabric reinforcement, and the numerous pockets meant to hold Protocol reagents.
  • Kastgrip: This special tool looks like a pistol grip with empty ribbing where a barrel should be. When special cartridges of Protocol reagents are loaded into it, it can be used to enact a number of different Protocols at a verbal activation from Maya. (See +info Maya Antares/Protocols for more information.)
  • Konstantinov Support: As the ranking Sorceress aboard the Konstantinov, Maya commands a certain loyalty from its crew. She can depend on them for certain materials, including but not limited to ammunition, medical supplies, medical treatment, Protocol Cylinders, and a mobile base of operations that is somewhat safe. (See NPCs Section.)
  • Protocol Cylinders: Most of the bigger Protocols require physical components. These components are compressed into special cylinders, which are loaded into Maya's Kastgrip and then verbally activated to enact their individual Protocol. Maya keeps a complement of Protocol Cylinders stowed in protective leather cases, contained in her greatcoat's pockets. These allow her to be prepared for a number of situations and scenarios, kasting Protocols on the fly. (See +info Maya Antares/Protocols for more information.)
  • The Skyfurnace Konstantinov: This massive airship is Maya's posting as a Sorceress-Major, and now that the Konstantinov has mutinied, it's also her home. Aboard it, Maya has the authority to command the ship's complement of Sorceresses, and also serves as the Konstantinov's "big guns." (PL 34 with full Warkaster support, PL 31-33 without.)
    • Isolator Chambers: Skyfurnaces are capable of devastating offensive power by harnessing the power of a squadron of Warkasters in concert. By kasting the Transformation Protocol, the Warkasters use themselves as human focusing lenses, unleashing pure destructive energy from the Skyfurnace's broadside. The Protocol is extremely risky, though, and requires sixty seconds of preparation time. (Justification for epic-level +attacks.)
    • Krawl Column: Alexandra Goncharova pilots a Krawl, a mobile artillery tank with a variety of firepower; she also captains a squadron of Krawl pilots, called a column, and can be called upon for ground options. These tanks are formidable machines, with heavy armour and firepower to match. (Krawls are up to PL 26. Alexandra's Krawl is PL 30.)
    • Ventral Immolation: The Konstantinov can redirect the output of its massive engines, focusing them through the six ventral ports lining the flat of a Skyfurnace's hull. Such a dangerous manoeuvre requires preparation, and is specialised to glass ground targets and break the enemy's morale. (Justification for epic-level +attacks.)


  • Guardsman Kyuzo: Every Sorceress is paired with a Hailer, a bodyguard meant to ensure the Sorceress' safety, trained in both melee and ranged weaponry. Hailers often carry all manner of weaponry on their person, expertly trained in their use. Maya's Hailer is Kyuzo, a huge bald-headed giant of a man who favours the heaviest of firearms. An imposing man of few words, he takes his duties very seriously, reacting violently to anything he considers a threat to Maya's safety. (PL 32.)
  • The Crew of the Konstantinov: Although not precisely at the Sorceress-Major's beck and call, the Skyfurnace crew will often be willing to support her in combat operations, especially when the Konstantinov is involved. Although only the Sorceresses are magically inclined, most of the crew are capable of basic two-way telepathy with the help of the Skyfurnace's Informkasters. (Crewmembers of the Konstantinov have no PL unless indicated below.)
    • Skymarshal Urik Antares: The captain of the Konstantinov, and Maya's brother-in-law. Urik took Marcus' loss hard, developing a fatalistic streak and a love of hard liquor after his brother's death. He's still an able captain, though, and his fairness toward his men have earned the personal loyalty of his crew. His talents are mainly the skillful management of operating a Skyfurnace, and his twin pistols. (PL 26.)
    • Lieutenant Anna Kharkova: An Informkaster, and Maya's Sorcerous second-in-command aboard the Konstantinov, Anna operates the Informnet, a kind of psychic communications network used by the crew, and acts as the Konstantinov's mission control. (PL 22.)
    • Chief Engineer Andrei Torin: Chief engineer of the Konstantinov, Torin is a rogue Sorcerer, of a sort, and knows every nuance of the Konstantinov's inner workings. His abilities allow him to handle a Skyfurnace much better than ordinary folk, effectively allowing him to function as a human blast furnace, impervious to the fire in a Skyfurnace's heart. (PL 20.)
    • Captain Alexandra Goncharova: The rough-and-tumble Captain of the Eighth Column, Alexandra is a pilot and vehicles expert, specialising in the heavy tank-like Krawls used by the Konstantinov, as well as lighter reconaissance aircraft. Her pragmatic, cheerfully devil-may-care attitude often serves as a foil to her best friend, Maya. Aside from her vehicular expertise, Alexandra is a very competent soldier on the ground. (PL 28)
    • Lieutenant Renko: Alexandra's perennial sidekick and lieutenant, second-in-command of the Eighth Column. Alexandra constantly calls her a clown, but Renko has her back. Like Alexandra, she's a competent soldier and trained in ground battle as well as vehicle operation. (PL 28)
    • Valentina Galilei: Nicknamed "Makita" or simply "little wolf," Makita is a young Nokgorkan freedom fighter picked up by the crew of the Konstantinov. She bore the letter that set them on their course to the Prison of Souls, and although she has no love of her Red allies, Makita is a fierce fighter with heavy armament and melee combat both, with a savage will to live. (PL 26.)
    • Infantry: The Konstantinov carries a complement of light and heavy infantry, trained to use both heavy ranged weaponry and a kind of melee weapon called a "hook." Hooks are huge metal polearms wielded with both physical strength and telekinesis, capable of deadly feats in the right hands. (Up to PL 20.)
    • Sorcerous Support: Even putting aside the Konstantinov's "big guns," Maya can call on support from the Konstantinov's complement of Sorceresses. Not all of them are Warkasters. Informkasters operate the psychic network used by Sorceresses; there are Supplykasters, Medikasters, and Sorceress-Engineers. Most of the Konstaninov's complement are Warkasters and Informkasters, with a handful of Medikasters and a few Supplykasters. (Up to PL 30.)


  • Broken: For all her calm and confidence, Maya Antares has lost much. She still grieves for the loss of her friends and family in the line of duty, and the loss of her husband. Although she's very good at projecting calm and confidence, she is inwardly shattered; a passionate person who still feels those old wounds deeply. An enterprising foe could figure that out and use it against her.
  • Bull-Headed: Maya is a strong-willed woman. All Warkasters have to be to survive, but in lesser matters, she's stubborn as a mule and can take her more passionate emotions beyond reasonable limits, putting herself or others at risk when it would be better to approach things calmly.
  • Cold Weather Champ: Acclimated as she is to cold weather, Maya and many of her compatriots tend to be uncomfortable in warmer weather. While temperate climates aren't necessarily enough to affect her performance, very hot or desert climates may well make her feel sick and unable to concentrate on her kasting.
  • Marcus Antares: The death of Maya's husband was a torment to live through, and though she's learned he survived, she still has unresolved issues regarding his loss. Furthermore, she's obsessed with the goal of finding him, and a clever foe could take advantage of this to manipulate her.
  • Overkasting: Sorceresses are normally protected from surpassing their physical limits by safeguard Protocols. These can be disabled manually to trade safety for raw power, but it's dangerous; a Sorceress overkasting can kill herself. When pressed into a corner, Maya can push herself beyond her limits, but her heedlessly self-sacrificial streak can lead her to endanger herself unnecessarily.
  • Skyfurnace: These mighty airships have several fatal flaws. The central array of the ship is vulnerable, where engines and coolant systems lie; if these are destroyed, the ship has to jettison them, rendering it helpless and immobile. They also require time between offensive volleys. Ventral immolation is a final tactic, requiring sevral hours between volleys, lest it risk overheating and crashing. Lastly, they require massive crews to operate, up to twenty thousand per ship, and when the ship is boarded these non-Elite crew are at risk.
  • Ranged DPS: Close combat is not one of Maya's specialties. If an enemy closes into melee range with her, she's physically vulnerable. She was dropped once by a jaw-breaking punch, and a physical opponent could have similar success if they can prevent her from kasting. Furthermore, kasting requires verbal activation, so silencing a Warkaster is a good way to render their Protocols useless.
  • Winchester!: Kastgrips require Protocol Cylinders to enact their specialised Protocols. Most of Maya's heavier-hitting Protocols require these, and without them, they're useless; furthermore, unless she strips her safety protocols and kasts through sacrificing her own life-energy. She's also in a pinch if her Kastgrip itself is taken from her; one can't be used without the other, after all, and Maya can't kast without both Kastgrip and Protocol Cylinders. (Maya drops to PL 26 if she runs out of Protocol Cylinders, or if her Kastgrip or Protocol Cylinders are taken from her.)


Title Date Scene Summary
Out of the Fog August 4th, 2015 The R.S.S. Konstantinov flees the hot pursuit of the R.S.S. Taktarov, bargaining with multiversal powers if it means saving themselves.


Title Date Scene Summary
In the Fog (Maya Antares) August 3rd, 2015 Maya Antares and her brother-in-law, Skymarshal Urik Antares, consider the coming battle with the Taktarov.

Info Files


Drop Casing: Armoured crate or framework used to deploy various craft, mainly Krawls, from high altitude.

Hailer: A heavy caliber automatic weapon carried by a special class of infantryman within the Red Fleet. Also a military term for a skilled soldier who operates a hailer weapon, and who is charged with the sole duty of defending an assigned Warkaster.

Hook: Heavy infantry weapon wielded by soldiers of the Red Fleet; a powerful weapon built for use in any combat situation, a Red Trooper's Hook can be used as a hand-to-hand weapon, or as a retrievable projectile controlled at range via mental link.

Isolator Tunnel: Structure found aboard a Skyfurnace that, during battle, houses a single Warkaster and allows her to Kast a Transformation Protocol. This Transformation Protocol changes the Warkaster into a focused pillar of energy which can deliver crippling damage to enemy craft.

Kasting: The act of invoking sorcery with verbal keywords meant to activate spell components.

Kaster Physical Systems: A set of safety Protocols that keeps a Warkaster from damaging herself through use of sorcery.

Kastgrip: Special tool used to load and kast Protocol Cylinders, resemling the grip of a pistol with a ribbed, hollow "barrel."

Konstantinov: A Skyfurnace, and former flagship of the Red Fleet. The Konstantinov is renowned for its heavy armour and defensive abilities. Popular opinion says it could storm the very gates of Hell itself.

Krawl: Heavy offensive combat vehicle of the Red Fleet equipped with a variety of modular armaments which moves on caterpillar treads. Krawls are deployed into battle via strategic Skyfurnace drop at an RDA (Rapid Deployment Altitude).

Protocol: Military terminology for a spell or enchantment.

Protocol Cylinder: Specially prepared physical reagents used to kast a Protocol.

Skyfurnace: A one and a half mile long heavily-armoured warship designed mainly for rapid deployment of infantry and various craft, as well as for massive siege operations. Crew of up to 20,000.

Sorcery Corps: Collective term for the combined branches of the CMIS (Complex of Military Industrial Sorcery); individual branches include Warkasters, Informkasters, and the Sorceress Engineers.

Taktarov: A Skyfurnace, renowned for its awe-inspiring offensive power. Custom retrofits from its chief engineer, Specs, ensure its power and place within the Red Fleet. Its ruthless Skymarshal Volkov has been ordered to bring down the Konstantinov at any and all cost.

URRS: United Republics of the Red Star. Since the disaster in Al'istaan, the URRS has since been reformed into the fractious and largely corrupt Commonwealth of Red States.

Warkaster: Red Fleet military terminology for the specialised branch of the Sorcery Corps trained in the use of ODCP (Offensive and Defensive Combat Protocols).


Some of the more common Protocols that the Sorceress-Major favours:

Cantrips: Smaller Protocols require no authorisation, such as the ability to telekinetically stir a cup of coffee, lighting a cigarette with a small summoned fire, or slamming a door shut with a snap of her fingers. Minor effects like this are trivial for Maya to use, often involving telekinesis, fire, or electricity.
Drop Protocol: Carving up the earth underfoot into geometric "slices," Maya can command the earth to open an abyss beneath her feet, knocking her enemies into the yawning depths to either buy herself some time, wound them, or kill them, depending on the situation.
Firearm Protocol: Various Protocols exist that allow Sorceresses to summon spectral firearms, varying from handguns to heavy artillery such as chainguns. Although able to summon the same firepower as the "real thing," they weigh nothing, requiring only the right reagent, and the Sorceress to verbally select the ammunition, rate of fire, and optics. Maya often carries a variety of firearms Protocol reagents on her person, including the MTK-40 heavy chaingun.
Gatekast Protocol: Using the efforts of a coordinated group of Sorceresses, a two-way "gate" can be opened between two locations. These can be used by Maya to retreat to the safety of the Konstantinov, or to go from the Konstantinov to surface locations without landing the Skyfurnace. Due to the resource-intensive nature of a Gatekast Protocol, they cannot be set up quickly, and require a certain amount of preparatory time. (Used primarily to exit scenes or for pickup/retrieval.)
Radio Protocol: This simple Protocol summons a spectral headset from the aether, allowing Maya to tap into local unsecured radio frequencies. It cannot tap into secured frequencies, such as factional frequencies. Through this Protocol, Maya can also log into the local Konstantinov Informnet. Maya uses this Protocol mainly to interface with multiversal open radio frequencies.
Reenact Protocol: A forensic tool used to replay the events in an area, using wide-scale illusions. Reenact Protocols can only show events that have already taken place, and generally only work well within the world of the Red Star; beyond the bounds of Maya's homeworld, its effects are not guaranteed. Furthermore, Reenact Protocols require expensive and uncommon reagents, and are blindingly painful to the Sorceress kasting them; they require that Maya open her eyes to look into a magnesium-bright light, among other things. (Consent required where applicable. Reenact Protocols cannot be used to gain information about a current TP event without permission from the TP runner.)
Shield Protocol: Summoning a field of red plates that orbit the Sorceress, the Shield Protocol is useful for deflecting or weakening ranged attacks. A glowing HUD on the plates indicates shield health and integrity. Maya needs only to utter "Shields" to activate this Protocol. (Used as justification for blocked or missed attacks.)
Voltage Protocol: Ordinarily a weak Protocol designed to interfere with enemy electronics, this Protocol projects a concentrated bolt of electricity outward from Maya's loaded Kastgrip. Although it isn't particularly powerful on its own, Voltage Protocol can be Overkast to lend it more damage, at the cost of damaging herself. One of Maya's favourites in a pinch for its unexpected utility.


Name Standing Thoughts
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  • Maya is actually something of a nerdy bookworm outside the constraints of duty. She loves folklore, mythology, and grand, sweeping romantic tales in the mediaeval tradition.Dropped