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Medusa Gorgon (Scenesys ID: 22)
"I always get what I want. I won't let you get away."
Full Name: Medusa Gorgon
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Theme: (FC) Soul Eater-1
Function: Witch
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (6-Lieutenant)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid thirties Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Houko Kuwashima
Height: 5' 4 Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song:


Medusa Gorgon is a secretive witch who desires to see the world put in motion, and she's not afraid to give it the push to keep things interesting. While she might seem like a friendly person when she is among most people, the pleasant demeanor is but a ruse. Behind a practiced smile lurks a sadistic personality that will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. In her own world she dedicated her life to research, creating various dangerous substances and hurt many people in the name of science. While she might rely a bit too much on her magic as well as manipulating people to her cause, Medusa is a dangerous person once she sets her sights on a goal.










Magic Incantation

In order to use her magic, Medusa needs to use voice incantation in order to conjure up power. Against more skilled opponents she will basically be calling her attacks out, thereby giving them time to react. Not to mention, if Medusa is silenced, she can't cast her magic. Most of her magic she needs to use her arms to cast properly as well. A skilled opponent might notice and read the movements Medusa needs to cast her magic, anticipating where an attack will come from and be able to use this to their advantage.

Ranged Battle

Most of Medusa's attacks work best in melee range, and she doesn't really have any attacks that can work well at long range. For that reason, Medusa prefers combat up and close should she engage in it.


Medusa wants to go unnoticed as much as possible by most people. That in return means she will be concealing her true nature and intentions by using Soul Protect. Unless she wishes to reveal her nature to whose who can see souls, feel energy and so on, she can't go around using her magic for trivial matters nor minor fights. Like a true snake, Medusa will lie curled up, biding her time until it's time to strike.

Magical nature

Medusa's soul is very distinct and powerful, which means that if she's not using Soul Protect, stealth is pretty much impossible for her. People with a supernatural sense in some way are able to feel her presence and her magic, as well as knowing exactly what she is and that her magic is pure chaos and destruction. There is no way Medusa can fight and go unnoticed at the same time.


Title Date Scene Summary
TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Heart Attack February 12th, 2017 Flamel gathers a task team to eliminate the Heart Render.
Slithering Into The Depths January 26th, 2017 Flamel leads an expedition into Medusa's mind to showcase just what a psychonaut can do. Just what is a witch's mind like?
History Is Like a Dusty Library Shelf; Packed Together, And Oft Ignored January 22nd, 2017 Revolution! Repressed serfs march on their literary masters with the Watch and Kirito assisting. The League push back! Oh yeah and the Bandits were there too.
The Apostasy Canticle September 9th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia visits the medical ward to get Flesh Doll stitched back together. Bad Touch!
A Not So Gentle Touch May 31st, 2016 It's time for Yari to get a new arm to replace what was lost, and Medusa is only happy to help in her own way.
Lute and Medusa Talk About Sanary May 23rd, 2016 Lute and Medusa talk about Sanary becoming Drowned.
White Noise And Black Static May 19th, 2016 Post-Battle of Avatar World. Sanary has been badly corrupted by her link to Drowned Ophelia - so the obvious answer is to drown her. Rise, Sandere! Blessed by the power and madness of the Sea of Black Tears.
Anti-Death Therapy January 4th, 2016 After her 'death', Yari comes to Medusa for a checkup. Thoughts on dying and getting better are shared, as well as how to better murder people. Then Yari donates her body to snake-science. Surely nothing could go wrong with this plan.
Solstice Celebrations December 22nd, 2015 Medusa brings a few Elites with her for celebrating the solstice along with the witches in her world.
Tending to the Apprentice December 7th, 2015 It's time for Sanary to be the one treated for once, and Medusa sees to it personally.
Common Defiled Ground December 3rd, 2015 HK-47 gets an early Christmas present from the serpentine witch.
AToF - The Hunt part 2 November 20th, 2015 As Geralt is stuck in the forest once more, he seeks to help another person stuck there. But who will help him?
The Tale of the Taken November 20th, 2015 Requests are made and offers are given when the Lady and Medusa discuss possibilities.
The Jester and the Witch Talks November 19th, 2015 Hisoka and Medusa discuss loyalties, interests and what really matters in life.
Attacking the Great Fairy of Courage November 8th, 2015 The Confederates launch their attack on the Great Fairy of Courage, chasing it down until it can be killed.
A Taste of Fear - Suspicions October 21st, 2015 Medusa enlists the aid of Yari in order to get some information from Shibusen, when their path is blocked by a dangerous duo.
WMAT BF Mako Mankanshoku vs Franken Stein October 16th, 2015 Franken Stein faces Mako Mankanshoku in the WMAT finals!
AToF - Smile for Me part 2 September 26th, 2015 Sumia finds herself at the circus once more, and this time she meets someone new.
The Fall of the Triumvirate September 2nd, 2015 Even heroes can die.
WMAT B1 Genghis Rex vs Franken Stein August 31st, 2015 Genghis Rex vs Franken Stein at WMAT 2015!
WMAT CQ1 Noble Six vs The Magician August 23rd, 2015 Noble Six meets The Magician in the WMAT qualifiers.
Medicine for the Masochistic August 19th, 2015 It's not often Medusa gets full compliance from her patients.
AToF - The Keep part 1 August 16th, 2015 Orphen finds himself lost in a keep, and he's not the only one there.
AToF - Songbird part 1 August 12th, 2015 Ella sees strange visions as her own sight does not work in a strange place.
AToF - The Hunt part 1 August 7th, 2015 It's a moonlight night in a dark forest when Geralt wakes up.
WMAT BQ1 Reina Kinney vs Franken Stein August 5th, 2015 Franken Stein and Reina Kinney face off in their qualifier match for Bracket B. Two shocking opponents have an especially charged match during a thunderstorm!
AToF - Smile for Me August 3rd, 2015 Sumia awakens in a circus, uncertain of what to do as nothing is familiar.
AToF - Walls part 1 August 3rd, 2015 Mamimi can't explain why she suddenly finds herself in a dark, cold grave along with another girl her age.
Three Person Date at Olive Garden June 29th, 2015 Lute takes Medusa and Sanary on a date to Olive Garden.
A Plague in Planning June 28th, 2015 Medusa has an offer for MORDRED regarding his plot.
Birdcage Assault June 26th, 2015 Tesla coordinates a strike against the Birdcage.
Rude Awakening June 16th, 2015 Genghis Rex greets a few friends during his recovery.
She Got Better June 15th, 2015 During a somewhat ordinary jaunt to the Bar and Grill at the Edge of the Multiverse, Galen and Juno run into a most unwelcome acquaintance. One who by all rights ought to be dead, but you know how these things go...
A Snake's Memorial June 14th, 2015 Lute takes Medusa to see the monument that was made for her, and Medusa asks Lute for a favour.
Magical Inquiries June 14th, 2015 Medusa and Dorian meet by chance and exchange some chatter.
Of Scales and Feathers June 12th, 2015 Medusa gets a rather unusual visitor, which leads to a rather interesting discussion.
Queen and Pawns June 11th, 2015 Ariah and Nine welcome Medusa back.
Medical Care for the Nurse June 11th, 2015 Hiei is dead set on visiting Medusa in medical, and Sanary does her best to work amidst his demands. Which evokes a response from Medusa herself.
FINALE: Stage Projection June 10th, 2015 The time has come for the Magnum Opus to be completed.
The Cold Dark January 9th, 2015 Medusa and another witch do their very best to awaken an ancient evil, with the Union doing their best to prevent eternal winter from rising again. D however, has another focus as well...
Winter Ceilidh January 8th, 2015 Sir Bedivere hosts another céilidh in Dun Realtai, to brighten the dreary winter days.
Cautionary Words Regarding Plants January 2nd, 2015 Medusa and Thranduil meet by chance in Mirkwood as the witch harvests plants.
Polite Bickering December 30th, 2014 Medusa has tea with Faruja and Ainsley, and they are as polite as they can ever hope to be regarding their conversation topics.
Corrections and consequences November 3rd, 2014 Mommy dearest is not happy when she learns about her child's betrayal.
A noble attempt October 13th, 2014 Ryuko demands some answers from the sly snake witch, who does not mind speaking her mind. Though the answers are perhaps not what Ryuko wants.
Black blood and black wolves October 5th, 2014 On a trip to New York Medusa and Crona encounter a beast that seeks to interfere with their business.
Salvation's Last Stand September 28th, 2014 Finale to the Hunter's Curse TP. D is ambushrescued by the Union, who attack him into becoming a good guy again.
Into Purgatorio September 10th, 2014 D leads the Confederacy in an attack upon Beli Klum's realm, Purgatorio. He aims to recapture three girls under Beli Klum's care -- vampires turned by Dracula's power. Beli musters her allies into a desperate defense, but is it enough?
In the Snake's Den September 5th, 2014 As she awakens in Medusa's lair, Kagenashi learns the price of crossing a sadistic witch.
A Strike From The Shadows September 4th, 2014 It is time for Kagenashi to strike. Her target has gone unpunished for too long, but will the power she recently be acquired be enough? It's a dark show down under a sinister moon, and the risk is high.
Motherly Instructions September 2nd, 2014 A child is summoned for the sake of making certain details clear about the current situation regarding D.
Stargazing and Social August 31st, 2014 Mizuki invites a few people over to demonstrate her unique take on 'stargazing'.
The Rising Black Sun August 20th, 2014 Kagenashi sets out to steal enough power for her fifth tail, but things don't go exactly as planned.
Elves and Serpents August 17th, 2014 Clokwerk sees Medusa for medical attention.
A Familiar Meeting August 8th, 2014 Dracula decides to evaluate D's current state himself, and Medusa does her best to further corrupt the dhampir.
Jailed...Again August 7th, 2014 Medusa visits D again in Castlevania's Cursed Prisons, eager to see what effects recent events have had on him.
Drawing out the Beast August 6th, 2014 It's time to draw in the target, and Medusa isn't below using one of her allies as the bait.
An Unwilling Helper August 4th, 2014 The snake witch of the Confederacy calls a young meister to her office to prepare for a sinister plan to be set in motion.
How To Make A Doctor Regret Everything August 3rd, 2014 The Confederacy puts a stop to Dr. Jacob Jaymingson's illegal operations and acquire a new assassin.
Dinner for Two July 23rd, 2014 After her victory in her exhibition match with D, Medusa wants what was promised her.
WMAT Exhibition D vs. Medusa Gorgon July 21st, 2014 Exhibition match between D and Medusa Gorgon, done to supposedly resolve a personal matter.
Glowing Blood. July 4th, 2014 At a secluded military outpost, Crona is spurred into action to murder soldiers. It doesn't take long for the Union to muster an effective defense. But in spite of the corpses they left in their wake, it soon becomes clear that they might not be the only victims in this scenario...
WMAT C1 D vs. Samael June 28th, 2014 WMAT first round match between Vampire Hunter D and the Purely Awesome Samael.
Off To See the Nurse June 28th, 2014 After getting mauled in the face by something outside the WMAT, Lucatiel goes to visit the WMAT's excellent medical staff.
Healing the Colonel June 27th, 2014 Recovery/treatment roleplay for Serori's WMAT injuries.
WMAT B1 Jinx vs. Allan Bodily June 25th, 2014 WMAT first round Bracket B action between Allan Bodily and Jinx of Zaun. SO MUCH BLOOD!
Confederate War Council 062414 June 24th, 2014 The Confederacy meets to discuss current activities and future plans.
WMAT B1 Saber of Silver vs. Ariah June 23rd, 2014 It's a battle of two silver-haired girls in B bracket! Come see the mysterious Ariah fighting the mysterious Saber of Silver!
WMAT A1 Vervi vs. Rebecca Kismarin June 22nd, 2014 MMS Shinki Type VicViper Vervi versus UniTech Corporation Typhoeus System Expedition Head Rebecca Kismarin.


Title Date Scene Summary
Escape (Medusa Gorgon) June 11th, 2015 Death is no pleasant experience.
A Helping Hand (Medusa Gorgon) February 19th, 2014 Medusa gathers resources with the help of her child Crona.
Force Feeding (Medusa Gorgon) January 21st, 2014 Medusa assists Haytham Kenway in testing The Willow Tree tea.
The Curious Report (Medusa Gorgon) August 16th, 2013 There are some peculiar results from Medusa Gorgon's initial psych evaluation upon joining the Confederacy.
Late Evening Work (Medusa Gorgon) July 21st, 2013 Medusa considers the results of one test that had severe consequences for Nine.

Info Files

Vector Magic

Most witches have powers based on what you might refer to as a spirit animal -- in Medusa's case, the snake. Medusa's magic is based on something called vectors, black arrows of magic that strike her enemies and often behave like snakes. In order to cast her magic a witch must cite an incantation, and in Medusa's case it's the phrase, "Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobubura." The more powerful magic she aims to cast, the more times she must recite this mantra. As well as needing to use incantations, most of Medusa's magic relies on gestures with arms and hands.

Vector Arrow

An offensive spell that sends vectors from behind and around Medusa towards her target while Medusa guides them with the help of her hands. These vectors can cut and tear into most organic flesh just like a knife would, and can be deflected or cut through in the same way. Often there are many of these vectors when Medusa uses them, attacking in a zig zag pattern where she directs them. A specific vector arrow can be called up to serve Medusa as a tail. She can anchor that tail into the ground, often using it as a seat and to maintain her balance during battle.

Vector Plate

Vector Plate is a black arrow that will push anything that lands on it in the direction that it points, with the equal speed and force as if they were free falling. For it to be effective, one has to be touching the arrow or be a few centimeters over it. In addition it also has to be placed on a flat surface like a floor, wall or ceiling.

Steam Vector

Steam Vector is a defensive spell that Medusa can channel by summoning several vector arrows from the ground around her in very close proximity that will block most physical attacks. After the initial casting of this spell, it can also become offensive with the voice command 'compress', a gesture toward one target, and then closing one of her fists. This turns the vectors on the target, which then surround the target and then compress them with crushing force. The vectors can be avoided if the target is fast enough.

Vector Snakes

Medusa breeds countless little black, snake-like creatures inside her body which can be used for spying on others. Her snakes can be placed inside a target through an open wound or a natural orifice. Once a snake is inside a target, a magical connection is formed allowing Medusa to track the snake to most locations within 20 miles, to listen in on what the snake hears (more below), and to communicate to the snake's carrier. One snake by itself isn't very dangerous, but should Medusa be able to get several snakes inside somebody, she can trigger a magical explosion and deal significant if not lethal damage. She must in line of sight in order to use this last power.
Receiving signals from the snakes is not a passive ability, as Medusa does need to focus on a specific snake to actively listen in. This is easier done within short range, and Medusa and the person infected with the snake can't be farther than 20 miles apart. Because of these factors Medusa is very careful in using her snakes without what she considers a good reason, as frivolous use would draw attention to her activities.
Snakes can be physically removed or destroyed via other appropriate means. After a certain amount of time, usually a week or two, snakes not kept inside Medusa's body will naturally die off.
NOTE: No snakes will be placed inside a character without OOC consent!

Support Magic

Analysis Disassemble

A spell meant to break through magical defenses. After casting vector arrow on an opponent with magical defense, such as a barrier, ward, shield, or other defense, Medusa can attack the protective magic by calling the voice command Analysis Disassemble. The vector arrows will tear into the magic to create an opening for further attacks. This attack might not work on magic stronger than her own, or magic of a very different nature, like holy magic. She can target permanent wards or shields set over an object, but again, her technique may not be very effective.

Arithmetic Magic: Magic Calculation

A magic spell used by witches in order to improve the magic of others, especially magic that is spatial or related to portals. This magic needs to be channeled, and Medusa has to stand in a specific position with her arms bent and crossed, unable to move while doing this lest she break her concentration. This spell is useless on its own, but it can make it easier and slightly quicker for another magic user to cast their own dimensional spell, like teleportation or other spells that require a lot of concentration and calculation to use it.

Vector Boost

This move is something that Medusa can use on others in order to boost their attacks, not herself. By placing an arrow on a weapon or on somebody's body part, such as an arm or a leg, the attack power of that body part doubles for one initial attack. It's important to note that the boost works only when the attack is applied in the direction that the arrow points to.

Vector Conduct

Casting this spell will allow Medusa to place arrows initially only visible to Medusa and to whomever she casts the magic on; however, those gifted with unusual sight beyond the mundane might be able to see these arrows, as they are sure to leave some magical residue behind. This is a handy way for Medusa to point out things to certain people without letting others know, or to show an ally the way to go in specific places.



Ragnarok is a rude and violent demon weapon that isn't very nice to Crona, using every opportunity to bully his meister. Enhanced by Medusa, he is fused with the Black Blood and aids Crona for their combined survival. Ragnarok is unable to separate from Crona, except when he's in his demon weapon form.

Black Blood

A black substance that has the same properties as blood as well as combat abilities in addition to healing. Its most prominent feature is that it induces madness in people, and that is very easily spotted in Crona. The Black Blood can harden and shape itself, even outside Crona's body. This allows Crona to stop bleeding, dampen physical attacks and even attack others, in attacks like Bloody Needle, Bloody Slicer, Bloody Lance, Bloody Coat, Rose Thorn Storm and Thorn Defense. After being enhanced by Medusa, Crona can also shape two new arms and two swords in the same shape as Ragnarok, although they lack the power and sentience that Ragnarok himself has. In same cases Black Blood can infect others. Due to its dark nature, Black Blood is weak against holy attacks. NOTE: Black Blood infection will only be done with player consent!


Crona is skilled in the use of a sword and can hold their own against most opponents that they face.

Screech techniques

Crona has soul attacks with Ragnarok, where the blade emits a high pitched screech that adds sound waves to enhance regular sword attacks. Screech Alpha is a projectile slash, Screech Beta is a more powerful slash. Screech Gamma is a combo attack with multiple slashes. Screech Delta is an attack that requires the use of at least three arms in order to slash out and generate sound waves in close proximity around Crona.

Black Dragon

Crona and Ragnarok can use soul resonance in order to absorb nearby souls from the Soul Eater world in order to add a temporary power boost to Crona's attacks.


Name Standing Thoughts
Kirikou Friendly...? A meister he might be, but he has his uses. Not that he is to be trusted with details, but he has been easy to manipulate so far whenever I need a pawn to get my opponents to move their pieces.
Serori Friendly A common patient in ward 17. Perhaps sharper than most would give her credit for...
Nine Friendly Not just a mere pawn. A former person who's desperate for any recognition that he will easily do what is expected of him. Quite handy.
Faruja Hostile A blabbering hypocrite.
Zero Kiriyu Hostile A potential eyesore if he decides to interfere in my business.
D Love It's too sad that he denies himself in so many ways. No matter what he might believe, he remains mine. And perhaps he will see reason on his own eventually.
Dracula Vlad Tepes Friendly The Field Marshal is a capable man... and useful to be on good terms with.
Kagenashi Hostile This fox thinks she's more clever than she is. And sooner or later she will find a snake at her throat if she continues playing this silly game of hers.
Juno Eclipse Potential specimen It's such a shame, really. From patient to traitor. Though I do guess this opens up a few new possibilities.