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In the year 20XX a technological revolution brought about by the twin efforts of Doctors Thomas Light and Albert Wily changed the world forever. Their advanced artificial intelligence project was poised to usher the world into a new era where mankind and robot lived side-by-side, advancing every facet of modern life. However, unethical practices left Dr. Wily out in the cold when it came time to assign credit - and employ the world's first industrial Robot Masters.

Dr. Wily would have none of it. Utilizing his 'unrecognized' genius, the roboticist set Light's prized Guts Man, Bomb Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man loose in a bid for world domination, one that was only stopped when the humble lab assistant robot, DLN-001 'Rock' vowed to set things right. Donning now-famous blue armor and the weapon-emulating Mega Buster that gave him a new name - Mega Man - the helper bot subdued the uprising one Robot Master after another, and took down the mad doctor's schemes after a final assault on his Skull Fortress.

Time and again now, Dr. Wily has eluded custody and justice despite Rock's best efforts. The last incident saw Rock himself turned to the madman's cause, and it took a similar act of bravery on the part of his sister unit, DLN-002 'Roll', to save the day and bring the Blue Bomber back to his senses. Fortunately for everyone, Albert's sudden claims of extraterrestrial origin turned out to be absolute bunk. Unfortunately though, he remains at large.

Still, the world moves on - not even the threat Wily poses can stop the march of progress. Robot Masters have hit the assembly lines. Increasingly employed in many lines of work, society's embrace of them worries many. Some view Robot Masters as an inconvenient intrusion, for each Robot Master that can do the work of a dozen men is a dozen living, breathing folk denied honest work, but a rarer few see them as a menace to society and would sooner see their rise nipped in the bud.

This theme uses a modified version of Archie Comics' take on the tale of the Blue Bomber for a base, though events and characters from other renditions can certainly appear.