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This theme takes place in the world of the The Mega Man Megamix, and Gigamix

It is the year AD 20XX, with in the life times of those living the robotics experts, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily unlocked the secrets of the human mind making machines that could think learn and ... even have emotions. They did not want to have unfeeling, unthinking machines that would never question an unjust order they might be given. The two friends worked closely together but the world is not always a kind place.

The world hailed light as a genius but Wily was slowly shoved from the spot light to make matters worse he saw the treatment of their creations. Disposable, even with regulations simply to protect the data accumulated and experience accumulated of thinking Robots. Wily started down the dark path of war. 5rHe struck without warning subverting the light numbers and unleashing them upon the world. Only two of them evaded Dr. Wily's control. Rock and Roll. Rock volunteered to become a fighting robot to not only stop Dr. Wily, but to save his brothers as well.

Thus the war with the Wily Army started, and has raged upon this world to that day. Wily rises up and Mega Man confronts him. Rock is not alone, joined by the creations of Dr. Cossack and others he does not stand alone against's Wily's own creations. Still? What fate awaits this world? Only time will tell. Can man and machine coexist? Or will one forever dominate the other?

The events of the stories Birth of Mega Man and R. Destruction order have already occurred with in this setting. The gave events of Mega Man 1 through 7 have occurred. The Robots from Mega Man 7 are also in existence. Mega Man 8 Through 10 are intended as plot fodder. Finally The Mega Man 4 Robot masters are with Dr. Cossack, and the Masters from Mega Man 6 are part of their nation's respective militaries