Mei-Ling Zhou

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Mei-Ling Zhou (Scenesys ID: 1114)
The world is worth fighting for!
Full Name: Mei-Ling Zhou
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Overwatch-1
Function: Climatologist
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (4-Member)
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Other Information
Physical Age: 31 Actual Age: 41
Still Aging? {{{Aging}}} Voice Actor: Elise Zhang
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Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
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Mei-Ling Zhou, or just Mei for short, is her world's premier climatologist. She specializes in designing and maintaining weather control machines to try and tame the anomalous weather and dangerous natural disasters in her world. Her projects were backed by Overwatch before the fall of the organization, forcing her to work more on her own and seek out assistance to support her research. She is a shy young woman who values close friendship, and puts her work ahead of her personal life. In combat, Mei's weather-altering devices slow opponents and protect locations. Her Endothermic Blaster unleashes damaging icicles and frost streams, and she can Cryo-Freeze herself to guard against counterattacks, or obstruct the opposing team's movements with an Ice Wall.



Climate Control <Defining>: Mei is the leading climate manipulation expert in her world. She designs and builds climate control systems to tame the wild weather and combat natural disasters. Applying her designs for weather control systems to a smaller scale allows her to design and use cryogenic weapons in combat. With the backing of government-level resources she can design and operate weather control systems on a large scale, design weather monitoring satellites, and manage such facilities, to create large areas of non-destructive weather adjustment to protect areas from encroaching climate change.

Endothermic blaster <Defining>: Mei's primary weapon is a blast of supercooled vapour that sprays in a narrow cone several meters long. This spray causes damage to enemies susceptible to ice as well as slowing them significantly, and sustained use can freeze a target solid for a brief period of time. Freezing others with her endothermic blaster can lock them in place, slowing them and eventually stunning them, This weapon also has an alternative mode of fire, shooting out a solid icicle projectile with significant accuracy and range.


Cryo-Freeze <Significant>: She can freeze herself briefly within a large ice block to protect herself from damage for several seconds, effectively operating as a brief ice forcefield. While encased in ice Mei quickly recuperates some of the damage she may have received. Mei can use her cryo-stasis technology to freeze someone into a state of suspended animation, from which they can emerge with no ill effects, as well as being used collect animals for future research.

Ice Wall <Significant>: Mei can use her endothermic blaster to nearly instantaneously create large ice constructs several meters high, about the height of a two-story house, primarily using it to generate large solid walls of ice for defensive purposes such as blocking off a doorway, bridging a gap, trapping an enemy, or stopping gunfire. She can also use the ice wall beneath her feet to lift her up to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Blizzard <Significant>: Using a miniature version of a weather control drone, Mei can deploy a localized area of extreme low temperatures. The effect has 10 meter radius around the drone (approximately the length of a school bus), unleashing freezing temperatures, winds, ice, and snow to disable anyone caught in the area of effect, slow them, and freeze them solid if they remain too long in the storm.


Snowball <Minor>: Snowball is the name of her AI companion. While he is interfaced with Mei's powerful blizzard weapon, he also features basic AI and performs the role of a digital assistant and a friendly, almost pet-like companion. He can offer some limited advice, provide data on his HUD, and scout around corners. He can also make small areas of ice and simple snow shapes like snowmen.

Mountaineering <Minor>: Mei is an outdoors survival expert, giving her access to the most dangerous and secluded areas of the world. She is absolutely in her element in polar or mountainous regions and has the skills she needs to survive in inhospitable areas and extreme weather to research and collect data.


Survivors Guilt <Trouble>: Mei still harbours feelings of guilt and grief over the loss of her research team in a fatal accident that killed everyone but herself. She will always feel like she should have prevented the storm from isolating the Watchpoint base, or could have done something else to save the research team. She is hesitant to get too close to people for fear of losing them. She wont let anything like that happen to her friends again, and has taken a no one left behind approach, even if it means losing out on valuable research data or failing a mission, she cant afford to lose the few friends she has left.

Ice Specialization <Significant>: Almost all of Mei's offensive and defensive combat abilities are focused on using ice, either as endothermic vapour or solid blocks. Anyone resistant to freezing temperatures or able to melt her ice with extreme heat would swiftly negate Mei's combat effectiveness.

Introvert <Minor>: Climatologist, inventor, mountaineer, adventurer, Mei excels at a lot of things and isn't the sort of scientist that stays in a quiet laboratory. However, she much prefers being either engrossed in her work or trekking up a mountain slope to dealing directly with other people. She can get flustered and embarrassed when all of the attention is on her, public speaking and presentations are not her strong suit. She is not very outgoing among people she isn't close to, and can be very shy when out of her comfort zone.


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