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Mel (Scenesys ID: 29)
"Orders, Master?"
Full Name: Mel
Gender: Female
Species: Shinki
Theme: (OC) Busou Shinki-1
Function: Marmot?
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late Teens Actual Age: 6 Months
Still Aging? No. Voice Actor:
Height: 15cm Weight: Variable.
Hair Color: Salmon Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Mel is a Busou Shinki: a roughly fifteen centimeter machine designed for companionship and service to humans as well as combat. Being of the MMS Panzer Type Murmeltier, her combat role is ground-based fighting. Heavily armored, with a tungsten steel exoframe, and heavily armed... MMS Panzer Types are the walking fortresses of the Shinki world. Manufactured by Pocket Arms, they are also military-themed Shinki and often programmed to resonate with military ideologies. Clean, neat, and orderly to an obsessive degree, with a penchant for meticulous planning of even the most mundane activities, the military ideology really shows through in Mel. She's a highly responsible, unfailingly loyal, and goal-oriented individual who treats every task she's given with utmost dedication. Despite all of this, she was still abandoned by her Master. And it literally drove her to drinking, amongst other habits. Now she works part time as a hostess for a small cafe, hiding out the rest of the time in whatever place she can find her solitude...










Panzer: Mel's type is 'MMS Panzer', Panzer being German for tank. As a result of this, Mel is pretty much the definition of a moving wall with all the upsides and downsides that entails. Unlike other Shinki, MMS Panzer types cannot fly by default and are also very slow and ponderous. This makes getting around, especially due to her size, a bit of a pain. Swimming is also basically impossible, while wearing her exoframe at least, as she'd sink like a rock. This flaw applies moreso in her transformed state than her more 'human' one.

Tiny: Shinki are tiny machines, no more than 15 cm on average. Because of this, things that human-sized creatures take for granted are often either impossible, awkward, or outright dangerous for them. Also attacks by larger beings can tend to be more damaging due to the fact that things (fists, feet, weapons) can tend to engulf them completely.

Blind Obedience: Despite being highly intelligent, Mel is programmed with an added inclination toward blind obedience of anyone or anything she considers to have authority over her. This is a condition of her being a Shinki produced for military usage, and it extends to her loyalty in general. If she likes someone enough to trust them she'll tend to do exactly what she's told unerringly.

Regimented: As a result of her programming, Mel is an extremely organized and tightly regulated person. She tends to go to 'sleep' at the same time every night, she keeps her personal belongings and living space impeccably clean and organized, and she doesn't play well with disorderly or chaotic people at all. Further, she hates having her schedule or plans messed up - there's no faster way to make her angry than to throw a monkey wrench into her well-oiled machine.

Abandoned: As Mel was abandoned by her Master, shortly after being purchased, she tends to be a little distrustful of humans and deals with them in a cautiously reserved manner outside of her job as a hostess. She doesn't yet have much faith in them, and also doesn't value herself quite as highly as she should. After all, if she was abandoned, it stands to reason that she wasn't good enough.

Drinker: Despite her clean and well put-together appearance, Mel is a bit of a drinker and a Nitro Jelly abuser in her personal time. It helps her relax, as well as to cope with the stress of being basically homeless and unwanted. The only catch is, being a drunk who's armed with explosive ordinance can be a dangerous proposition at times.


Title Date Scene Summary
Local Shinki Expo 2015 March 26th, 2015 Spring 23AU Shinki Expo happens in Techno Urbania.
WMAT B1 Richard Stadler vs. Ms. Fortune June 28th, 2014 Richard Stadler and Ms. Fortune duke it out in the Yunzabit Heights Arena to see who will advanced to the next round! One of them explodes quite a bit. The other is very, very confused at all this exploding.
WMAT A1 Ariel vs. Mel June 27th, 2014 The child unicorn Ariel fights with the tiny tanky terror, Mel, in a surprisingly violent match for the Round 1 A Bracket!
WMAT C1 Evil Nanoha vs. Summer Powers June 23rd, 2014 The WMAT battle between Summer Powers and Nanoha Takamachi. With a tough battle, victory went to Summer Powers.


Title Date Scene Summary
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