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The Galactic Federation has only just been liberated from the deadly threat of Phazon, and the Space Pirate installation on Zebes has been utterly destroyed. The name of Samus Aran is now well-known, both in reality and in rumors and stories that get traded around cantinas across the galaxy. The threat, however, hasn't been eliminated, since the Space Pirate's mobile forces continue to cause trouble, with rumors of new activity on Zebes' surface as well as increased Metroid activity on their home planet of SR-388. With the reunification, both of these threats are laid bare and allowed to spread into the Multiverse at will. With the Federation only able to maintain control over their own sectors of reunified space, there is only so much that they can do alone. It seems like a certain bounty hunter is going to have her work cut out for her, in stemming the tide of danger. (Set after the events of Metroid: Zero Mission and the Metroid Prime series, and prior to Metroid II and Super Metroid.)