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Mihk Lihzeh (Scenesys ID: 573)
"I have determined an Eighty Nine percent probability you will lose. Let us put that to the test."
Full Name: Mihk Lihzeh
Gender: Female
Species: Miqo'te
Theme: (OC) Final Fantasy XIV: Shattered Dawn-1
Function: Bookworm
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Emma Watson
Height: 4'11.5" Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Lavender Eye Color: Heterochromia (RIght: Dark Teal, Left: Russet Orange)
Theme Song:


A young Miqo'te, a catlike race hailing from the land of Eorzea. Mihk was born to a pairing between a Seeker of the Sun father and a Keeper of the Moon mother. This exposed her to both aspects of her race, yet she took after her mother both in looks and intellect. Mihk took to studying and was approached by the underground 'cult' of mages that dabbled in manipulating the Aether, the magical force that flows through the world of Hydaelyn. She finished her initial education just scant weeks before the Calamity struck and destroyed much of the country. Having survived the devastation, Mikh pooled her knowledge into helping her home city-state of Limsa Lominsa get back on its feet, though was target of much prejudice from those she aspired to aid, due to her power. As an Arcanist she can alter the Aether to suit her goals, but takes a more supporting role through healing and debilitating effects, and creature summoning. With so many refugees pouring into the city states, crime is rampant and Mihk, along with others like her, have taken it upon themselves to secure the cities against the desperate masses by any means necessary. Mihk is very much an intellectual, and can seem harsh and abrupt to the uninitiated; however, she is a steadfast friend and teacher that cares deeply about those she serves, those that seek her guidance, and those who need her protection.










The Book: Being the source of her magic, if she were ever to lose possession of the book, Mihk would become entirely powerless save for her natural abilities. The book is attached to a strong chain that anchors it to her robes; however, in the heat of battle such things can come loose or be severed by a lucky strike. This would leave Mihk with only her natural strength, that while higher than a normal human, is still far below most Elites. It would also leave her to use her natural claws as melee weapons, which while sharper than human fingernails, are still not enough to penetrate most armors.

Keeper of the Moon: Being of the Keeper bloodline, bright lights can more easily blind Mihk, especially if they're sudden. This can often lead to being unable to continue battle or being more easily defeated due to blindness.

Long Range Fighter: Mihk isn't a close range fighter; she's strong for her size, but lacks any kind of experience in melee combat. She's at her most comfortable and dangerous when able to fling spells and status effects from afar, while others deal with the up-close-and-personal fighting.

Distrust: Arcanists, by nature, are a relatively secretive group. Their power and activities border on the heretical within Eorzean culture. Tampering with the Aether is a bugbear that Thaumaturges often contend with, but the Arcanists take it a step beyond using the elements. They alter them, and this is a great source of tension, especially during a time of upheaval as the time post-Calamity. Her own people will often turn on her in a heartbeat, should they realize the source of her magic.


Title Date Scene Summary
TRIAL: The Bowl of Embers (Hard) January 28th, 2017 The party finds themselves face to face with the Primal Ifrit, and takes down another threat to Eorzea.
An Ember Enkindled January 22nd, 2017 The Watch discusses the results of their investigation into the mole that plagues the Immortal Flames, and discovers the source of Ifrit's information.
A Crystal In A Dune ft. Raha and Mihk January 20th, 2017 Mihk and Raha do a bit of detective work to puzzle out who killed an Amaljah spy in the IF.
League Requisition: Shinki CMS December 20th, 2016 The League pulls off a heist of shinki CMS slated to be wiped clean.
= Occult Expedition July 11th, 2016 Mihk sent some Magic Ward Interns out to a desert library to get study material.

They never returned. So she's led a group of Elites to go find them.

Healing among Friends December 30th, 2015 Confederate Elites visit Yari after her 'death'.
Hyurtarian aid in Garlemald. July 21st, 2015 Picking up the pieces after the Dravinian assault on Garlemald's capital. Mihk, Mantigora and her sidekick, Ariah and Valentha all pitch in picking out survivors from the wreckage, and treating the wounded.
Brunch, No Chasers ft. Mihk and N'raha June 23rd, 2015 N'raha meets up with Miss Lihzeh over fish and politics of world building
The Festival of Fear June 8th, 2015 A Hallowed Jhen Mohran has been sighted in the Great Desert. The presence of this incredibly rare subspecies in time for this particular Festival of Fear can only be an incredible sign of good fortune, and for that reason people even outside of Wyveria's borders are invited to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.
No Castrum Standing May 9th, 2015 The Castrum within Coerthas has been invaded by a surprise attack. It seems the Dravanian Knights are after Legatus Aries' head. Can everyone save him in time? Or will it be to late?
Down With The Vigil May 7th, 2015 The Stone Vigil comes under attack by the Dravanians! It is up to everyone to come to the aid of the Ishgardians and protect the one last standing defense they may have!
Elements & Arcanists: Part II March 30th, 2015 On the trail of the missing Arcanists, Mihk Lihzeh and her friends perhaps find themselves in the face of a very dark truth...
Elements & Arcanists: Part I March 9th, 2015 When Arcanists go missing, it is up to Mihk Lihzeh and her friends to figure out where they have gone too...
Mihk Treats Lute in Medical March 3rd, 2015 Lute throws a bit of a tantrum in medical, and then Mihk tends to his wounds and tries to help calm him down.
AWftF: The Fourth Dragon Ball February 25th, 2015 Heroes and villains come together in a ludicrous attempt to retrieve the fourth Dragon Ball.
Magical Trade January 18th, 2015 Mihk Lihzeh arrives in Fabletown, and the Fables make their first multiversal trade agreement.
When Trees Attack December 19th, 2014 Plants have been attacking Union and Unaffiliated parties in the Cavern of Life. Is it tied to Confederate activity in the area, or merely a coincidence?
Into The Mountains: Sleeping Fate December 6th, 2014 The Allagan Ruins continue to hold untold mystery and as explorers poke further on the second floor, more dark truths start to be told that only lead to further questions.
Into The Mountains: Choices November 30th, 2014 Continued exploration of the ruins. This time, its onto the second floor...
Confederate War Council 111614 November 16th, 2014 The Confederates meet to discuss current and forthcoming activity.
Reflection November 11th, 2014 Gaius Van Baelsar takes a stroll around the Citadel to find himself meeting a young woman practicing her arts.
It Comes From Below November 3rd, 2014 Leviathan has been kept unchecked for to long. Now it is time to try and put the Primal of the Sea back in his place. Yet this may not be as easy as some may hope...
The Desert Gourmand October 24th, 2014 A hunting trip to make safe an area of desert that many caravans and merchants have to use.
Ship Wrecked October 13th, 2014 Some of the Maelstrom crew has gone missing and its up to the "Adventurers" to find out why and get them back home.
Urban Danger October 3rd, 2014 Through the unnatural fog that casts itself into the Eastern Ruins, something wicked is soon to come and those who face its blade, may know of the horrors that is the Dark Divinity.
Astute Observations September 29th, 2014 Mihk explores a dead Cybertron, finds a mysterious liquid, and almost ends up bug lunch.
One Night in Moraby! September 19th, 2014 Maggie finds a kindred spirit in Miss Mihk and finds out how an Arcanist has plans within plans.


Title Date Scene Summary
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