Mikase Yamato

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Mikase Yamato (Scenesys ID: 112)
"I will protect all of Japan. I'll do it myself if I have to, even if I must use my body as a shield. That's my answer."
Full Name: Mikase Yamato
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Fleet Maiden)
Theme: (OC) Fleet Maiden-1R
Function: Lady of the Line
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? Unclear Voice Actor: Miya (ZERO Sounds)
Height: 200cm Weight: 80kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: On the Dawn's Horizon Blue Rise!


The first Fleet Maiden to arise from the nation of Japan, Mikase Yamato is the vassal of the sunken battleship which shares her name. Having gained magic from her spiritual patron, she now opposes the alien threat to her world. With this magic, she can transform into a form which grants her incredible offensive and defensive power as befits a Ship of the Line, sporting the heaviest arsenal and strongest Barrier Armor of any Fleet Maiden to date. A girl who grew up with many responsibilities, she is polite and kind-hearted, sees things through to the end, and sports a fiercely stubborn streak in defense of what she feels is right. Though she is brave in the face of battle, the demise of Yamato still haunts her: She has an intense dislike for piston-driven aircraft of all kinds. Yamato is also something of a double-edged sword, requiring significant resources to replenish her energy in the aftermath of each Deployment and butting heads with her military commanders over orders that clash with her sense of morality.









  • YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP ~ Though she is quite stable in the water, if Yamato is somehow knocked over, her heavy equipment will quickly drag her under. The only way she could survive capsizing like this would be to break her transformation. Assuming she doesn't panic over the fact that she can't actually swim.
  • THAT INCESSANT BUZZING ~ The original Yamato was sunk by numerous air-dropped torpedoes and bomber strikes, and her spirit remembers this. Since affixing to Mikase, this new Yamato now suffers an intense fear of piston-driven aircraft. The sound of propeller engines quickly puts her on edge. Several of her Zeroes have been inadvertently shot down by this phobia already. She also hates to fly. This fear has become part of her regular personality and becomes more intense when she is Deployed.
  • NO MILITARY TRAINING ~ She's not a soldier. Since gaining the power of Yamato's spirit, the allied military has pressed her into service against the Elvari invasion. Though she has no problem fighting the aliens, Yamato often doesn't "get" many military regulations and typically goes with what she feels is the right decision, even if it's against orders. This puts her at odds regularly with her homeworld superior officers, who already resent having to rely on Fleet Maidens in the first place.
  • LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE ~ Keeping Yamato fielded against the Elvari is an enormous undertaking. Deployment is a large drain on Yamato's human body and the still-not-understood source of her magical power, which must be recovered through eating. After a typical operation, she will consume more food in one evening than a mid-sized military unit, necessitating a supply chain to keep her operational. If she sustains a lot of damage or is in combat for extended periods, her requirements rise dramatically. Mercifully, if she hasn't Deployed recently, her supply needs are only that of an ordinary woman. Not even Yamato knows where all that food actually goes.
  • DREADNOUGHT MODE ~ Dreadnought Mode can only be engaged in the presence of four other major sources of magic (which may be other Fleet Maidens, mages, wizards, or powerful artifacts). It also comes with a significant drain in Yamato's personal energy, which will need to be replenished before she can Deploy again (Up to a week out of commission if Dreadnought Mode is used). Due to the associated massive post-use resource drain, her superiors require her to get permission to use it. She can still use it without permission, but will be disciplined for doing so. Yamato can also only enter Dreadnought Mode in a body of water large enough to support it.


Title Date Scene Summary
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A Kure Outing February 26th, 2015 Mikase and Rider hang out in Mikase's home town and discuss various things. College, history, and more.
Naval Combat! January 20th, 2015 An Elvari incursion on Port Darwin, Australia
Operation Morbid Chant December 16th, 2014 Aliens invade Munich in Germany. XCOM + others go wreck face.
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Title Date Scene Summary
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