Milla Maxwell (Dropped)

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Milla Maxwell (Scenesys ID: 13)
"That I complete my mission is all that matters."
Full Name: Maxwell, Lord of Spirits
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Spirit)
Theme: (FC) Tales of Xillia-1
Function: Lord Maxwell
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: Yes
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Minae Noji
Height: 5'6" Weight:
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Pink-Red
Theme Song:


MILLA MAXWELL is the human embodiment of Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits and guardian of Rieze Maxia, who twenty years ago foresaw the need to take human form in order to find and destroy a technology mankind is not meant to have. Since being "born" into the world, Milla has lived an almost completely sheltered life in her shrine, in the village of Nia Khera. Recent disturbances caused by the deaths of countless spirits are forcing her to venture out, finally, and seek her enemies. Milla could not be a more bland individual if she tried: in the simplest terms, she simply does not know how to act human. It's not that she's emotionless, it's that she doesn't know which ones should be expressed, and how they should be expressed, or even recognized. As a result she might appear or sound detached or like she's a cold machine, but it couldn't be further from the truth. She cares a great deal for other living beings, seeing it as her mission to protect all humans and spirits she's able to. When comes the time to fight, Milla employs a vast array of techniques and spells given to her by the Four Great Spirits, allowing her to command great sword skills as well as five of the six elements of her world.









  • HOW DO I HUMAN?: Milla knows very little about the human world: she doesn't know how to act like one, doesn't really understand them very well, doesn't know what half of the terms they made up about how the world works mean, and herself isn't very good at expressing her emotions, or for that matter, at identifying her emotions. She also has a fair bit of dedication to watching over humans, vaguely like a pet owner may watch over his pet.
  • DEDICATION: Thoroughly dedicated to her mission, Milla would put herself at immense risk for the sake of terminating beings and things that are threats to human and spirits alike on her world.
  • STUCK HUMAN: Though she is Maxwell, Milla does not actually have the ability to return to being a spirit until she deems her mission accomplished. She's stuck for better or worse in her human body, and death is a very real concern.
  • MANA LOBE: Draining all of a human's mana is lethal, no two ways about it. Fortunately a human would pass out long before they reach an empty fuel tank and would thus stop using their mana, but that doesn't really help against opponents or devices that drain mana. This means that it is possible to severely injure or otherwise damage Milla simply through mana draining.
  • LILIUM ORB: If he Lilium Orb is stolen, Milla loses access to Linking (Power) and if the Great Spirits aren't around, also loses access to Artes (Skill).
  • THE FOUR GREAT SPIRITS: The Four Great Spirits are entities of mana, and as a result are vulnerable to anti-magic effects or effects that aim to bind such beings (though it would still take quite a prodigy to manage to disable all four). Milla's current PL (34) accounts for her having all of the Great Spirits there to assist her. They are the ones who provide her with the superhuman aspects of Lord Maxwell (Power), the expertship of Warrior (Skill) and most of her Artes (Skill). If she is separated from a Great Spirit, she starts losing the benefits of having them (her Artes become lesser, her skills start to dull, she becomes vulnerable to needing to eat and sleep). If she is separated from all four, she is at her weakest, no better than any other gifted human from her world. However, it is in that state alone that she is able to gain experience-- and eventually to overcome the weakness. (TL;DR: Until she becomes experienced on her own, Milla loses PL and overall competence when split from them, anywhere from -1 to -4 PL. This disadvantage will be updated or replaced as her experience levels require it to be.)


Title Date Scene Summary
The Lance of Kresnik - Hamil September 29th, 2014 Many parties investigate the small village of Hamil, and find more than apples and cider there.
The Lance of Kresnik - Gaius August 29th, 2014 Ideals clash within the throne room of the Dawn King's palace.
The Lance of Kresnik - Resummon August 19th, 2014 Jude and a few friends accompany Milla to her shrine to resummon the Four.
The Lance of Kresnik - Prologue August 17th, 2014 Milla calls for help to destroy a Spyrix, and it doesn't end well.
A Night in Fennmont August 14th, 2014 Jude Mathis invites fellow Unionites to visit Fennmont.
A Muse's Legacy August 8th, 2014 Kalliona and the Union make an attempt to capture one of Chrysanthemum's strongholds.
The Nature Of The Soul July 16th, 2014 Priscilla invites her allies to the newly lit Firelink Shrine to discuss future plans and catch people up.
Exodus Testing Grounds July 15th, 2014 Milla calls for help to deal with a Spyrix facility, but it turns out to be more complicated, until Mir just decides to be done with it.
Pilgrimage Through the Mad City July 2nd, 2014 Several members of the Union escort a young woman and her bodyguards through Undead Burg, but it does not go as planned.


Title Date Scene Summary
Forgetfulness (Milla Maxwell) July 16th, 2014 Milla ponders her memory lapses and chats with people at her shrine.