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Minecraft Earth, a world of endless potential, waiting to be shaped by your hands. A place where nothing is thought of hefting dozens of tons of stone and soil at a time to rebuild the terrain to your own design. Seemingly the only limitations, besides one's own imagination and ingenuity, are the curiously shallow topology, bordered by the sky above, and the impenetrable material called bedrock deep below.

However, not all is well, here. When the sun sets, and the idyllic day gives way to night, the creatures that typically hide in caves, or even other dimensions, come out to hunt. Their purpose and origin is often unclear, but their anger at anything distinctly sentient is unquestionable. This world of beauty definitely has its ugly side.

This is the home of an entity called Steve. He had long been burdened by frequent events he calls Resets, a cruel practice he believes enacted by an uncaring universe, which periodically completely wiped clean his works as well as failures. Only recently has he discovered knowledge and objects that had somehow survived the most recent Reset, an art the curious tome he acquired calls thamaturgy. Coincidentally, this also has allowed him to anchor the current iteration of his world to the multiverse, and has - so far, at least - prevented further, sudden apocalyptic events.

In summary, this theme is basically playing Minecraft straight, where reasonably applicable, with the addition of the mod Thaumcraft to add an extra touch of magic, as well as a sense of progression. In time, content from other mods, especially high quality Thaumcraft plugins, might become parts of the theme, or even small plots of their own.