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Mir (Scenesys ID: 340)
"Hope? I do have hope. I bring it to everyone. My own way."
Gender: Female
Species: Neo-Pureblooded Beta-type Reyvateil
Theme: (OFC) Ar Tonelico-2
Function: Mother Virus
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (5-Reserve Captain)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union, Veritas Arcanum
Other Information
Physical Age: 15 Actual Age: 384
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Height: 153 cm (5') Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: EXEC_SPHILIA/.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDBQbWTESMM


How far can a hopeful girl be pushed? For Mir, it was quite far, but not far enough. Mir is a Neo-Beta Reyvateil, a being who can enforce her will upon reality through the use of song. Bred specifically to follow orders and craft weaponized song magic, Mir rebelled against her controllers, and has since taken over the Tower she calls home, ruling it with a spiteful fist that strikes down uppity humans whenever possible. Mir believes what she is doing is the only way, and is thoroughly convinced that humanity is a diseased and untrustworthy species compared to her own. She has an attitude that is often called aloof, other times cruel, yet can put forth a generous face when need be. She is unrepentantly manipulative, driven, and fully commmitted to her own cause: the advancement of the Reyvateil species to a secure, safe world. To that end, she uses not only her own song magic, but an array of formidable Viruses, beings of digital life given physical form, and her own impressive hacking capabilities.










Racist: There's no way around it, Mir hates humans. Her first impression of a human will ALWAYS be negative, and in combat she will only relate with human allies with difficulty, and focus far more vicious attacks upon human opponents. This attitude pervades everything she does, and although she considers many Elites to be 'more than human,' the closer to plain human a person is, the less she will trust them and feel they are a worthwhile being. This does not mean she cannot grow to respect a human, however.

Delicate: Reyvateils are notoriously not meant for combat, with very few exceptions. Mir is no different. When outside of her armor, she is extremely vulnerable, and even fully armored her durability is less than most would expect. For this reason, she often sends out her Viruses instead.

Tower Link: Although her link to Ar tonelico is not nearly as direct as Shurelia's, Mir is still effectively the new Administrator. The price of this power is that it is possible to affect her in ways that a normal Reyvateil could not be, leaving her vulnerable to disruptions in the Link that could leave her powerless or, worse yet, outright kill her by destabilizing her body entirely. In the Multiverse, the range of Ar tonelico has been vastly increased, but extreme distances may still weaken her.

Cosmosphere: Like almost all Reyvateils, Mir has a Cosmosphere, a representation of her psyche stored in the Tower itself. While it is almost impossible to gain access to her Cosmosphere outside of Diving, anyone who does enter it - most likely through a proxy Dive or the like - can do significant damage to her psyche within it, and even alter her entire personality.


Title Date Scene Summary
Academeans September 24th, 2015 Confederates take over a city; Elliana gives it to Adelyn.
What My World Is Waiting For June 29th, 2015 Bourd Rade's location is tracked. To the Confederate Mir's tower of all places. Chaos ensues in the Silver Horn, but in the end Misha retrieves what she's been seeking for so long.
Reyvateil Diving 101: A Primer Catastrophy May 11th, 2015 Hello is this Diving? Apparently.
New Blood: Lord of Famine April 13th, 2015 The Terra Majora alliance goes after another Shajem: The Lord of Famine
Totally Mundane Meeting March 6th, 2015 The Union and the Confederates operating on Terra Majora begin a tentative alliance.
The Lance of Kresnik - Gaius August 29th, 2014 Ideals clash within the throne room of the Dawn King's palace.
The Lance of Kresnik - Prologue August 17th, 2014 Milla calls for help to destroy a Spyrix, and it doesn't end well.
Exodus Testing Grounds July 15th, 2014 Milla calls for help to deal with a Spyrix facility, but it turns out to be more complicated, until Mir just decides to be done with it.


Title Date Scene Summary
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