Mistress Rarity (Dropped)

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Mistress Rarity (Scenesys ID: 483)
"Darling, I'm just here to set the bar. Just sit back and watch how /I/ live."
Full Name: Rarity
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Theme: (OFC) MLP: Friendship Divided-1
Function: Elite Schemestress
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 30's Actual Age: 33
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Tabitha St. Germain
Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Purple Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4UkNu3ZfA4


Fashion designer extraordinaire. Wielder of the Element of Generosity. This was Rarity. However, after the two princesses disappeared, Equestria fell to Chaos and so did Rarity's life as she knew it. When Twilight Sparkle's last ditch effort to save Equestria botched, Rarity became a mutant unicorn facing a lifetime of managing an aggressive crystallization of her body while also turning anything she touched into crystal. Her failure produced an insanity that led to total isolation from Equestria. She had returned many years later, and without anyone noticing much of anything, Rarity steadily rose to become the head of House Whitegold. She keeps face as an ever-so-elegant woman of style and grace like she always has, but the truth is that Mistress Rarity is the conniving schemestress who practically singlehandedly took over Manehattan. Her madness has since evolved into a twisted narcissism and hunger for power that no one has seen before, and Rarity will not stop until she becomes the most rich and powerful woman not only in Equestria...but indeed, the Multiverse.










MAGICALLY DISEASED: An alicorn spell gone wrong has caused crystal growths to surface on the left side of her body. Although most assume it is a purely aesthetic disease, it actually causes considerable social stigma in some circles of Equestria. The crystals also grow continuously, with new growths emerging every 2-3 weeks. This requires Rarity to undergo painful crystal shaving procedures to keep the growths from totally covering her body. Should she for some reason be stopped from pruning it down, the crystals quickly begin to cover her body--steadily making her immobile over the course of a few days until she is killed by becoming a permanent statue. It is impossible to reverse by any magic once full crystallization settles in.

NARCISSISM BEYOND MEASURE: As the leader of the social elite, Rarity must keep appearances nearly 24/7 lest she mar the beautiful image of House Whitegold! However, it's more than that. Rarity has always been vain. She is a woman who would lift a couch from miles away to bring with her to a picnic so she doesn't have to sit on grass. She will make sure all mud puddles are being safely covered by her escorts. And now... she goes to absolute extremes. She must be perfect. The walls of her personal chambers are covered by nothing but crystal mirrors so she sees only herself every morning and every night. There is not a moment that passes that the woman is not combing her hair, fixing her makeup, or primping herself to ensure perfection. In fact, the vanity has become a personal demon in Rarity's life, making her extremely oversensitive to any comment that even dare suggest she is anything but perfect.

MELODRAMATIC PRIMADONNA: Rarity has a penchant for using hyperbole and seeing life in extremes. The slightest dirt clot in her chamber could be the worst possible thing to happen in her life, or if she happens to make a mistake, it could be a situation of life or death. She would never scuff a hoof in unicorn form or cut her beautiful face! It would just be devastating! This all comes from the fact that this woman is just very self-absorbed. It tends to generally result in histrionic fits about events involving herself, as well as a tendency to avoid direct confrontation unless she absolutely has to be involved.

PIECE BY PIECE, SNIP BY SNIP: To give a glimpse of Rarity's world, one must look at the Ivory Tower itself. Aside from the organized chaos of her personal fashion study, each room is geometric and perfect. Every object has its place, every line is straight. Rarity desires a perfection not just of herself but of the world around her. She has always been obsessive when it comes to details, to the point where she throws fits when things are not aligned according to her grand design. Some say this trait of hers has remained largely unchanged, but those closer to her see her irrational anger outbursts as signs of lunacy that settled in ever since that day...

THE ICE QUEEN: More noticeable than anything else is Rarity's madness for power and fame. Since coming back from her self-inflicted exile, she has shut out everyone in her life from trust. She has always dreamed of being famous, but now... she wants to be the most powerful woman in all of Equestria. How she intends to do that will involve a steady and subtle reallocation of resources right under the nose of all of these brute force factions. And her eyes see the Multiverse just as well. Money talks to Rarity, and she is often easy to persuade with financial bargains and useful resources (especially gems and crystals)


Title Date Scene Summary
Manehattan Murders Part 2 July 6th, 2014 Manehattan murderer strikes again! Or does she? Join Fancy Pants and Detective Gum Shoe in a riveting and altogether mindboggling mystery--the death of Prince Blueblood, former member of the House Moon and Star and Lord of House Whitegold.


Title Date Scene Summary
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