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The year is Future Century 60, and war as humanity knows it is a thing of the past. Every four years, the space colonies in orbit around Earth send their strongest fighters, using machines called Gundams, to compete in the Gundam Fight, a global sporting event devised as an alternative to war. Based on the principles of great sportsmanship, the Gundam Fight has gone on since FC 8. The contestants fight, and they fight, and they fight, until only one remains. That mighty warrior earns his country the right to rule the solar system until the next Gundam Fight. There is one problem with the fight: it takes place on Earth--that's right, the despoiled, polluted planet upon which forty percent of humanity still lives. Everyone from diehard fans to grizzled Gundam Fight veterans can agree there's something different about this year's tournament, and it's not just the arrival of strange visitors from the Multiverse.

Little do they know, Neo Japan has a dark secret they're trying to get rid of--Kyoji Kasshu and his stolen Dark Gundam, an ingeniously designed Gundam said to be the most powerful mobile suit ever created. Can their fighter find and destroy the Dark Gundam before it reveals itself?