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Mojo Jojo (Scenesys ID: 44)
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over. I have a world to conquer. I have to seize control of an area and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking!"
Full Name: Mojo Jojo
Gender: Male
Species: Chimpanzee
Theme: (FC) Powerpuff Girls-1
Function: Simian Supreme
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: Zero Point
Other Information
Physical Age: An Adult Chimp Actual Age: 45
Still Aging? Probably Not Voice Actor: Roger L. Jackson
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song: Go Monkey Go! - Devo -


Mojo Jojo is the most evil, diabolical, power-mad primate in the world! He is without a doubt one bad monkey. The accident he caused that gave him the supreme genius he has today is also responsible for the creation of his arch-enemies, the Powerpuff Girls. Mojo Jojo is a scientific genius that uses his twisted simian mind to create the most powerful devices and robots that he can muster to destroy the girls. When he's not being devious and bent on world domination, Mojo Jojo is a sophisticated chimpanzee, and is quite friendly and polite. He is nevertheless persistent in his endeavors, Mojo Jojo has set up his lair at the top of the dormant volcano in the center of the city. Using his supreme intellect, he plots to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, take over the City, and then take over the World (in that order)!










Redundancy: Mojo Jojo often speaks in a way which communicates the same thing many times, that is to say, occasionally, Mojo Jojo repeats information in different ways, worded to suit lower intellects. That means that in order to ensure his point is clearly stated, sometimes he repeats himself making small variations on the initial message, which leads him to sound as though he is repeating himself to redundancy, and this can be said to result in the strange habit of repeating oneself long past clarification on a point, complicated or as simple as it may be, has become necessary!

Didnt Think That Through: For all of Mojos intellect and capacity for doing evil, there are times when he just doesnt think far enough ahead in the planning phase of his plots. Plenty a time Mojo has seen the first few steps of his plans achieve success, but his lack of foresight means that more often than not he doesnt consider what to do afterwards, or worse he fails to see the gaping flaws that inevitably force him to backpedal.

Prideful Primate: Mojo tends to be quite proud of his accomplishments. He has pride in his intellect, his inventions, and his schemes. One can use this in any number of ways, whether playing to it by sweet-talking him or challenging his ability. On top of this, he doesnt take kindly to his ideas being stolen, whether on purpose or by coincidence, and will rectify this problem by wrecking the perceived plagiarist's day.

One Mad Monkey: When things go wrong for Mojo Jojo, he will typically try to play it cool and keep his head in the villain game, but there is still a boiling point for him. When he does lose his cool however, he REALLY loses it, becoming prone to taking irrational action in order to deal with the cause of his wrath, including taking an already failing plan and cranking it into overdrive. With his genius, a furious Mojo Jojo is truly dangerous to himself and others.

Card Carrying Villain: Mojo takes a lot of pride in his villainy. He does things by the book of villainy, by robbing banks, wrecking havoc, kicking puppies, doing the evil laugh, and trying to take over the world. He's not exactly needlessly cruel or violent, he's quite polite, and he even pays his taxes, but he is EVIL! He will make sure you know it, it's in the contract!

The Powerpuff Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are three pint-sized super powered little girls, who fight crime and save the world before bedtime, and they are the bane of Mojo Jojo's existence. The Powerpuff Girls have time and time again foiled his schemes, stopped his plans, and put him in jail. If it happens in Townsville, he can always count on the 'puffs to show up.


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