My Life as a Teenage Robot-1

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Welcome to Tremorton, USA! The city of the retro-future! Where the grass is green, the sun is shining, the people have that old school American politeness... and the town is attacked by supervillains on an almost daily basis. Luckily for the people of Tremorton, however, they are defended by a superpowered crimefighting robot - XJ-9. Unfortunately for the people of Tremorton, XJ-9 (she prefers the name Jenny, as it turns out) would much rather be a teenage girl than a superhero. Still, she's always there to stop a crisis.

Jenny Wakeman, alongside her brilliantly mad scientist-esque mother Nora and her happy-go-lucky best friend Brad, is always ready to stop the invading space aliens, mad scientists, bestial monsters, renegade robots and other perilous disasters that seem to occur with alarming regularity. The greatest of these threats, however, is the robotic Cluster Empire - or it used to be. While the Cluster has overthrown their evil leader, Queen Vexus, sending her to distant parts unknown, one wonders if the peace will last...

This theme is set at an undetermined time after the final episode of the series with no notable divergences from canon.