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This is a world of magic and monsters, spirits and sorcery. Mighty warriors do battle against one another and against all manner of things that go bump in the night. But this is also a world full of perfectly ordinary human beings just trying to get by, few of whom know of the hidden conflict that boils just below the surface. They live their lives as they have always lived them. It is a world that exists, upon its face, much like many others. But between cracks and within the margins, a war is being waged.

Ten years ago, the Ouma Project was nearing the culmination of its plans to throw the world into chaos, twisting the elemental harmony of all things within nature and driving them towards destruction. Opposing them was Shinra, a secret government organization of mystics and warriors dedicated to protecting Japan from supernatural threats of all kinds. As the battle reached its climax, one man, Shougo Arisu, sacrificed his life and shattered Ouma's ambitions. Few knew of their fight and fewer still of Shougo's sacrifice -- everything and anything was written off as freak natural disasters, gas leaks or gang violence. Humanity was never made aware just how close it had come to disaster.

That was then, this is now.

The world is once again struck by dimensional instability. Warriors are falling in from points all across space and time as the boundaries between this world and its neighbors weaken and tear. Creatures of folklore appear in the streets of Tokyo to menace its populace, and the world trembles as the balance of nature is slowly shaken apart. For those among Shinra's ranks who fought in the war against Ouma, the situation is all too familiar. Now, faced once again with the prospect of a world lost to chaos, Reiji Arisu and his partner Xiaomu take to the battlefield alongside a host of faces old and new. But can they succeed at finally putting an end to Ouma's plans once and for all -- or will all their battles and sacrifices buy only a bit more time before the inevitable collapse?