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In a future Japan, the aftermath of World War 3 has left contaminated regions blighting the landscape. These areas are quarantined from the rest of the landmass-spanning civilized regions, and due to their ominous lack of lighting in the night, were given the name Black Spots. Yet, the ruins of these zones are not devoid of life. People that had lost everything and nowhere else to go slowly began to settle there. Many got sick and died due to the toxins. Some survived, and of a subset of those, began to develop supernatural abilities that seemed like magic.

Out of fear, walls were constructed around Japan's Black Spots, and the people inside were declared even less than human, branded by the popular label of Needless. Much mystery still remains around how these powers, called Fragments, developed, with a lot of international finger pointing. Despite officially not existing and having no legal founding, there are many governments in the world that would like to have this power for themselves, and have founded the shadowy 666 Committee to head the research.