Noctilucent Echo-1R

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When we, as individuals, know that death is certain, we can sometimes find solace in thinking that someone will remember us; that someone we leave behind will have been touched by our actions and words just enough for us to have some impact postmortem. Then, perhaps, all we have lived for, and all that we are, may retain some meaning.

But what do we do when it isn't us, but our world, that is lying on its death bed? We could curse reality, or we could blame our own iniquities, but none of it would ultimately make any difference. Though we could fashion a time capsule, an ark that encapsulates our collective knowledge, so that all we have worked toward may pass into the hands of another, and again give it substance -- a reason for being.

This is the last hope of the few remaining people on the planet Tefuri: that some day civilization may rise again, and that the treasure they have buried in the sea of the stars may then be found. This was Doctor Marc Albom's life's work, and when the day comes for a wayward spirit to happen upon that certain decaying junction at the end of an infinite trail of darkness...

... it will have succeeded.