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Noh (Scenesys ID: 178)
"…. It was shiny and I thought figuring out what it does would make it more sellable?"
Full Name: Noh Body
Gender: Female
Species: Dhampir
Theme: (OC) Epic America-1R
Function: Trouble Magnet
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (21 - Provisional Ally)
Groups: Gatecrashers
Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Years Old Actual Age: 287 Years Old
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Cree Summers
Height: 5' Weight: 95 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song:


Born under another name in her world's year of 1727, NOH, short for Noh Body, is, in her world, a rarity; a Dhampir, the product of a union between a Vampire and a Human. Born among an African tribe, her first experience of 'civilization' came when she was captured by slave traders at thirteen, and taken to America. After running away, she was found by a Vampire named Christoff; who, in need of a slave himself, bought her from her human Master. Knowing her to be a Dhampir, Christoff in turn not only told what she was, but brought her into the secret world of the Vampire Race as his stand-in for a ghoul. When her world Unified with the Multiverse, she and Christoff were separated. She believes him dead. In his memory, she added his name to her own true name, but shares only Christoff's name, if any name at all, when speaking to others. A kleptomaniac, prone to causing trouble when she only means well, she lacks discipline when it comes to knowing her place. She has only recently begun to learn and attempt to exercise her true ability as a 'half-blood'.










Physical Traits: Because of her Dhampir blood, Noh doesn't look like your average African tribes person. She has pale brown features, and fangs (although is capable of hiding them.) She is also capable of digesting blood and turning it into energy like humans do food.

Shiny Objects: Noh has one major flaw: _She Simply Cannot Not Touch_. (If she sees something she's interested in, she will want to touch it. If it's shiny, not nailed down, or tempting, she will try to steal it. She hordes money like a squirrel does nuts: finding small places to stuff stashes of it on her body or in places where she camps and might return to some day for sake of always 'being prepared', and 'never losing all her loot'.)

Vampiric Weaknesses: Like all of vampire blood from her world, Noh suffers the following weaknesses: Holy Objects/magic/beings, cold exposure, blood loss, fire. Holy Objects have to be fully faith-backed to cause weakness. Exposure to cold causes a reptile-like reaction, involving a slowing of function, and long term exposure leads to eventual state of 'torpor', or hibernation. Blood loss drains on her abilities and strength. Fire burn away the body.

Cowardly 'Lion': Though Noh tries her best to embody her totem animal (the lion,) she is easily scared or frightened by things; 'stronger predators', or those who show more dominance in their behavior, as one example, creatures that are larger, or in greater number being another. This doesn't mean she isn't capable of shows of bravery; it simply means she's also prone to displays of cowardice.

Blood-fueled Powers: All of Noh's abilities, from regeneration, to strength and speed, to her latent vampiric features and ability to appear human are driven by the consumption of blood. Without regular consumption of blood, Noh is unable to regenerate from great wounds, to lift things of great weight, or to run faster than a car. Unknowingly, she has supplemented these powers by eating raw meat much of her life, but human blood gives her the greater effect. She gets her supply from blood banks that specifically cater clean blood to the vampiric citizens of the Multiverse.


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