Ooze: A Monster Tale-1

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Based loosely off of "Monster Loves You!" this is an Earth of monsters and humans (poorly) coexisting. The connection of these two races is deeply interwoven, with much of Monster society depending heavily on the actions of Human civilization. However, both societies HATE each other and it seems unlikely the two of them will ever come to anything approaching an understanding.

Monsters are gross, and come in all shapes and sizes. However, they are just as intelligent as people and come with a capacity for power that humans can't match without sufficient weaponry. It is a wonder why Monsters have not overrun Human society, probably a sign of a few Elders that want to avoid direct conflicts.

Humans are pretty much what modern humanity is, at a technology of about the 90s. They don't like monsters because they're weird, aggressive and have a bad history with humanity in general.

An enterprising Kind Monster gave up its life to spawn new monsters that would bond to humans and foster friendships, but will this work, or will Monsters and Humans never get along?

The world they come from has a secret underlying mysticism, with talking animals and mythical creatures everywhere. Dragons, cait sith, talking foxes and more, and all storybook tales are, in fact, very real. And these tales follow monsters around wherever they go, whether because they are the root of them, or because of some underlying property of their world.