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The year is 2095, and yet magic holds greater sway over humanity than ever before. Centuries of mysticism and ritual conducted in clandestine cabals have been refined into an exact and powerful science, wielded only by a tiny fraction of the rapidly swelling population of Earth. Less than one in one hundred people are born with the potential to use any form of magic, but those that are can wield their powers in absolute secrecy, and thus total impunity, covertly and deliberately placing themselves head and shoulders above every other human on the planet.

The most powerful mage families utterly dominate the political and economic world, kept from absolute rulership only by the concerted efforts of increasingly totalitarian government and the legions of lesser mages it can recruit for the sole purpose of maintaining its own integrity. The restless masses are caught between open secrets and constant struggles for power, fighting for every opportunity as their civil rights are eroded by the steadily escalating conflict. The only question is which nation will be the first to implode under the strain, and what chain of events will follow when something finally gives way.