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It's the beginning of the 21st century, and heists haven't gone out of style. After a massive police training and recruitment effort by the US government as part of a massive redirected defense initiative, mirrored by many other countries, bolsters the ability of police to manage crime, all but the most effective criminals were taken out of the system under a blue tide. Suddenly lacking much in the way of competition, a structure fell into place; now that chaotic elements were out of the picture, criminals were free to network effectively, creating their own job structure and social systems. Crime.Net, a criminal conspiracy run by an anonymous man known only as Bain, has high demands of criminal reputation, and in turn rewards its members by connecting them with the greatest criminal minds of the world.

It's the perfect breeding ground for the perfect thieves, and their accomplices need to be top-notch to match them. The world of PAYDAY is one of bold, violent capers dominated by the sheer numbers of the police and the sheer bodycount of the best criminals a world like this can breed.