Peter Parker (Dropped)

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Peter Parker (Scenesys ID: 609)
It's not enough to be amazing or spectacular. Sometimes you have to simply be superior.
Full Name: Peter Benjamin Parker/Otto Gunther Octavius
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutate
Theme: (FC) Marvel Universe-3R
Function: Vigilante/CEO
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 28 Actual Age: Mental: 50+ Physical: 28
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Christopher Daniel Barnes
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 167 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song:


Otto Octavius was a brilliant, bullied boy who grew into a brilliant, bitter man. Convinced of his own superiority he became the super-villain Doctor Octopus and threatened the world for years, battling Spider-Man off and on until an incurable disease doomed him to die. Utilizing his genius, Otto constructed a mind transfer device and traded minds with Peter Parker just as his own body was dying. Parker, however forced Otto to relive the whole of his life and see what had driven him to become Spider-Man in the first place. Moved, Otto vowed to the dying Peter to redeem himself and become a hero in Peter's stead. Now, armed with all Spider-Man's superhuman physical abilities, the inventive mind of Otto Octavius and his vast resources, Otto has embraced the identity and life of Peter Parker completely and is driven to prove himself to be more than just a hero, more than just Spider-Man. The former Doctor Octopus has become the Superior Spider-Man!










Vulnerability (Certain Pesticides): Though Spider-Man is resistant to many forms of chemicals or drugs the bonding of Spider DNA with his own leaves him vulnerable to certain kinds of insecticides such as ethyl chloride this has a weakening effect on him and can possibly even be deadly in strong enough doses.

Vulnerability (Spider-Sense): Certain things can short-circuit Spidey's spider-sense, creatures like Venom and Carnage can do it because they were once 'linked' to Peter. Other villains such as Mysterio have created devices that can essentially block out the ability through a kind of radio or psychic 'white noise' and there may be some mystical ways to stop it from working, but learning them would require research and probably at least a small TP or RP discussion with me about it.

Psychological Instabilities: While outwardly stable, Otto suffers from deep-seated scars from when he suffered at the hands of his abusive father, bullies and even Spider-Man himself. Certain triggers such as seeing children harmed or threatened, seeing someone bullied or feeling that he's in that situation himself can make him snap, triggering a berserker rage at the source of the 'problem'. This has landed more than a few of the Superior Spider-Man's victims in hospital, some with seemingly permanent injuries. Otto's also obsessive to the point of being dangerous. Defeat can send him into black depressions and focus the whole of his being and resources on what's defeated or wronged him to the point he practically ignores all else.

Superior: That's what he is, at least to his own mind. Otto Octavius considers himself superior to everyone else, even people on his own mental level or those who could, arguably, be considered superior. This manifests as an arrogance, a lack of cooperating with others if he isn't the one giving the orders and a general waving about of his superiority in people's faces. He's definitely not someone you want dealing with delicate situations. This also leads to a level of wild recklessness that can get him into trouble and over his head, especially if his tactics fail or his information on an opponent or situation wasn't complete.


Title Date Scene Summary
Superior Beach Sparring December 10th, 2014 There's sparring and Italian clubs to be enjoyed when Peter Parker drops by Malibu. In style.
Your War Is My Calling December 9th, 2014 The Elder Primal, Odin, assaults Phase Rock. Union, Confederate, and Unaffiliated responders confront him, and learn something of his past.
Dragon Slaves December 7th, 2014 Madara decides to test out his Reanimated body a bit against the Union's Elites. Blood, pain, and violence. Fun had by all.


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