Peter Quill (Dropped)

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Peter Quill (Scenesys ID: 751)
I come from a planet of outlaws: Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos...
Full Name: Peter Jason Quill
Gender: Male
Species: Human?!
Theme: (FC) Guardians of the Galaxy-1
Function: Legendary Outlaw
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 30s Actual Age: 30 something something...
Still Aging? Yes? Voice Actor: Chris Pratt!
Height: 6'2 Weight: Buff
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: The Steve Miller Band - The Joker


Peter Jason Quill is the legendary outlaw known as Star-Lord! He was taken from Earth as a child, and now travels the galaxy stealing, womanizing, and occasionally being an alright dude. He has a generally laid back attitude when it comes to life, often not being the most responsible and frequently throwing caution to the wind. He's not the easiest to trust and often tries to make a profit, even while otherwise doing a good deed. But he manages to be highly effective at what he does, a highly skilled thief with knowledge of advanced firearms and alien technology, as well as the fighting skills required to survive as a space outlaw. He may be frequently wanted or with a bounty on his head, and there is a mile long list of people who would like his head on a silver platter, but overall he enjoys what he does, and is now hard at work making a name for himself in the Void.










EDIwHr2.gif WHO?!: Peter has kind of a big ego when it comes to his own reputation. He believes he's far more well known than he actually is, and generally assumes most everyone knows the name Star-Lord.

Doesn't Learn: He admittedly doesn't learn from his mistakes very well. Be it with crime, women, and general basic life decisions, he tends to make a lot of the same screwups and tends to stay in perpetual trouble as a result.

Walkman: He's particularly attached to his Walkman and his Awesome Mix tape. If it's stolen or somehow threatened, he'll go out of his way to protect and get it back, even at the risk of his life or the mission at hand.

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Honorless Rogue: Peter Quill has spent a lot of time looking out for himself first and foremost. He is not a law-abiding citizen, nor is he particularly trustworthy as an individual. Even his friends are not spared deception and trickery when the situation calls for it, though they're ones he'll avoid betraying. Just about anyone else is fair game though, and that means he has a lot of enemies and makes a whole lot more.

Outlaw: As an outlaw, he's wanted for a lot of crimes, mostly very petty ones as he has a tendency to get away with the big ones. He's wanted by quite a few planets for minor crimes, so occasionally he can get himself into some trouble when he crosses the wrong people or actually does get arrested for something big and it all comes back to bite him.


Earth Comes First: Whenever he has to choose between saving some alien planet and saving Earth, he'll choose Earth every time. This can cause a bit of conflict when it comes to dealing with alien matters, particularly anyone who might find Earth to be a threat or he's in some sort of negotiation that might involve asking him to cause some sort of trouble on Earth. It tends to immediately make him start considering ways to double cross that person to eliminate a potential threat to his home planet, even though it might screw everything else up.



Title Date Scene Summary
Shots First June 12th, 2015 Spacers of various sorts and others gather at the Bar and Grill. The arcade is a central focus where Chewbacca plays (and damages) Space Invaders and Groot competes on Dance Dance Revolution with Kotone Yamakawa.
Tony's 45th Birthday Bash May 29th, 2015 Tony celebrates his 45th birthday in style... in DISNEY WORLD! Karaoke, food, silly gifts and happy guests, what more can a billionaire superhero want?
Three Humans Walk Into A Bar May 23rd, 2015 Ziggy and Kimberly decide to grab a bite to eat, only to run into Peter.
Clash of the Green Rangers May 10th, 2015 Discovering a blip in the Bio-Universal Field, Ziggy, Cory, and Peter Quill investigate, for different reasons.


Space Britain and Other Nonsense April 20th, 2015 Insert Random Walks Into a Bar Joke.
Zwei Visits The Milano! April 18th, 2015 Zwei visits Peter on the Milano! They come to an understanding. Also he shows her Queen.
Fresno Bob's Revenge! The Debut of Peter Quill. April 14th, 2015 Peter Quill attempts to kidnap Ziggy Grover!


Title Date Scene Summary
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