Phantasy Star Universe-1

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Three years after the Seed were banished forever from the Gurhal System, the three planets were found in a terrible position: Resources were strained between the Seed, the conflict with the Illuminus, and greed. Hoping to aleviate the stress and strike out into the distant stars, the Inhelt Corporation began to research subspace interstellar travel, helmed by Natsume Shu, a brilliant human scientist, and his son, Shizuru.

Guardians and the private security firm Little Wing began to jointly investigate Inhelt's activities as it became clear subspace was becoming more and more dangerous. With the assistance of Little Wing's Emilia Percival and her partner, they were able to uncover a plot by the Ancients-- the very progenitors of the human race-- to steal the bodies of Gurhal's children. Shizuru was their key, possessed by their leader, the great Sun King Kuhman.

Upon Kuhman's defeat, Inhelt's project was stopped... but it was too late. Be it the result of subspace experiments or the very rifts in space and time within the Relic sites that belonged to the Ancients, the Gurhal System found itself merged with the super solar system... and the light of Gurhal was brought to the multiverse.