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The Gurhal system is home to four races of humanoids: Humans themselves, and their creations, CASTs, Beasts and Newmans. Things were not always peaceful here, as the planets saw a 500 year-long conflict between them, and even to this day racial tension runs deep, especially on the CAST-run world of Parum. However, hope for a more enlightened future is guided by an interplanetary agency known as the Guardians, tied to no particular government and making a policy of having members of each race cooperate to achieve its goals. The Guardians wear many hats, sometimes subcontracted for military or police work, hunting for bountied criminals, managing wildlife, and even taking on jobs of a more personal nature. They abhor being thought of as mere mercenaries, and even have and administer their own space colony, which serves as a refuge for those weary of planetary politics. Further maintaining this era of peace is the religion of the Holy Light, ministered by the system-wide idol Mirei Mikuna, better known as the Divine Maiden.

This theme is set near to the very beginning of Phantasy Star Universe, just as the SEED menace is beginning to take root, and many mysteries have yet to be uncovered.