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Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Plot Application 4.1

1. Who is the plot runner?

What character do you plan to run this plot with? Will anybody be Co-Running for you, and if so, who?

2. Overview

Give us an overview of the plot's events and intended conclusion. Is the plot intended to be heavily improvised, flexible and open ended, structured but flexible, or structured with few points of potential deviancy? How long do you expect or intend for it to take?

3. What is the plot's scale?

What is the scale of your plot: Global, or Major?

4. Special Requests

Do you have any special requests for the TP? Does this TP need to break scale rules, or otherwise utilize elements that are not normally allowed? If you want extra character objects for major NPCs (please don't ask for a lot!), please include at bare minimum a Profile.

5. Miscellaneous

If you have anything to add that doesn't fit anywhere else, put it here.

Once you're done filling out this application, put it in the body of an e-mail with a subject of 'TP Application - Global/Major/Minor - Plot Name OR your character's Name', and send it to