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On Multiverse Crisis MUSH, as with many MUSHes, plots are often referred to by the term "TP", which is shorthand for "TinyPlot", a term generated from an early MUSH codebase's name of TinyMUSH. A TP is pretty much just local cultural jargon for what you'd expect: A storyline, whether run by a MUSH's Admin or Players. We have multiple classifications of TinyPlot here, defining the scale of events within them, and also what people are allowed to get away with without putting in a formal TP Application.

In summary, a Minor TP is one which has very limited permanent impact, involves no "iffy" content like time travel, and generally doesn't change the face of a setting too seriously. Minor TPs do not require an application.

Major TPs are events which often dramatically change the face of the world they take place on. They are the plots of the fiction we derive our characters from, where the face of a single world can be changed irrevocably. Plots of this scale require an application.

Global TPs are events which have impact on the entire MUSH, and usually cannot be ignored. They aren't approved often, aren't run often, and usually represent Multiverse-wide upheavals. Plots of this scale also require an application, and are highly restricted.

Some plot elements always require an application, even if their scope would not otherwise warrant it:

  1. Capture plots which exceed a single scene.
  2. Mind control plots which exceed a single scene.

These two require some explanation. They share many common problematic elements, and the start of those problems is the burden placed on a captured PC. Their ability to RP gets locked out pretty heavily for the duration of the plot, and while it's common for them to be available for the captured to be available for "jail RP", it's usually not something that gets taken advantage of.

The next problem encountered by capture plots is how much people tend to have to hold the idiot ball to get captured, or how much the people who captured them have to hold the idiot ball to lose them again. As a rule, we don't like it when a plot relies on people holding the idiot ball for things to happen/not happen.

Last and certainly not least, these plots rely heavily on nobody being able to do anything about the capture or mind control for the TP to function. Almost without fail, before a plot of one of these sub-categories reaches a point where the runner would want the captured or mind controlled person to be released, the entire MUSH hears about it and things balloon out into everyone wanting a piece, and nobody being able to get one.

Historically, this causes hyper-focus on the capture plot, heated feelings, and drama. Rolled up together, capture and mind control plots trend towards being a recipe for a very public and negative disaster. This is why we're so strict about them.


While this is a "new" news file, these rules and definitions are not actually new. They are a long-standing part of MCM's history, and essentially got taken for granted as something that many of us older staffers assumed was written down. At some point though, it got cleared out and never re-added. My bad. -- Reliant, 2015