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POKEMON: Shadow Grey is a Pokemon Tabletop United setting which uses the Game of Throhs supplement ([1]. It takes place in the region known as Bayern, which is a fantasy dark ages (12-14th century) setting filled with gothic horror and high fantasy adventure in equal measure. Trainers use shrine-issued Pokejewelry to capture Pokemon to fight against the horrors that seek to overcome lifekind.

This setting uses the alchemy, weapons, Pokemon fantasy variants and all GoT trainer classes. Other GoT elements can be incorporated at request. Look at the 'chivalric romance' and 'dungeon fantasy' entries in GoT for more inspiration.





"In the beginning there was the sculptor of the world and the woods, Regigigas. The region of Bayern was sculpted by him as the roaming grounds of his offspring... did you expect them to be humans? Ha ha... nah. Regigigas' hollow offspring, the golems, were what the world was built for. So when he found life- human life, Pokemon life- growing on its own, ooh, was he steamed. When the Stag of Life, Xerneas, stepped forward to say that he was the guardian of living things, he was mad. And then when humans and Pokemon began to discover empathy and mysticism, and their powers when they worked together, he went... 'Oooh, they'll all have to go.'

So we fought back. Well, what else could we do? We had Diancie to teach us how to make Pokejewels, and the Swords of Justice to help us fight... we took the fight to him. People died, of course. A heck of a lot of people died! That's where we found out about the blasted Yveltal, the dragon of death. But hey, we're still here, right? So we won, well of course we did.

Now the world's grown... Regigigas didn't sit well in that mountain prison the gods sealed him up in all those hundreds of years ago. There's only three of his spawn released now, but it could be a thousand, dependin' on who you ask... they spread the curse of Hollowness, wanting to turn everything just like them. Ah, dark days are ahead..."

Gods of the Setting:

Xerneas: The most all around familiar legendary Pokemon, Xerneas is the kind of person that most people think of when they think of a benevolent god. He is associated with life in all of its forms, and most specifically in Bayern, the struggle of life against hardship and darkness. He is a god of survival and persistence. Things that lack visible eyes are treated badly by hard-line followers of Xerneas. Serious devotees spend their time in communities built around or suspended in trees.

The Swords of Justice: These three gods represent martial pride and purity of heart, and originally charged humanity and taught them to fight to emulate their own creed: to protect those who cannot themselves. To a certain extent, they also represent humanity's ability to build and produce- Virizion is a patron of agriculture, weavers and those who work with plants, Terrakion of masons and builders, and Cobalion of smiths and metalworkers. However, their followers also tend towards 'lawful stupid' paladins, bigots, and those who would kick an Absol in the face just because it's a Dark-type.

Diancie: Diancie gave the world what it needed most- the knowledge of how to jewelcraft, creating Pokejewelry and the means to make the healing arrays in Pokemon Apothecaries. She is also a being who represents fortune- precious metals and jewelry, and even good luck in a more general sense are under her purview. Some secular beliefs state that she has the power to be reborn from another Carbink should she ever need to, and can even reincarnate other humans and pokemon in other form; although no one ever really explains what 'should she need to' means as it would imply going into why and how a goddess could die.

Manaphy: Few beings worship Manaphy aside from a community on the isolated island of Bugen. As Bayern is a large landlocked continent, few people aside from those who live in a coastal community ever get close enough to the ocean for it to matter, but Manaphy is considered the chief guardian of the depths of the ocean, and he is welcome to it. Many people just pray they don't sink if they ever need to go out there. Many people do not think that Manaphy IS even a god, due to the presence of Phiones- which often can be found in rivers and lakes- who claim that Manaphy is their progenitor to those who can speak to them. Manaphy offers the people of Bayern nothing tangible, and so he is rarely venerated.

Yveltal: The Dragon of Death has no worshipers, at least none in the traditional sense, in the greater Bayern continent. This is because few wish to invite the attention of Death itself on them or their home, and many fear this aspect as part of their daily lives. That said, tokens to Yveltal are often found in graveyards and in the form of gargoyles that guard over castles. Although the legend has faded over time, Yveltal's power was integral to the fight against Regigigas. Only one church to Yveltal exists in Bayern and it acts more like a mausoleum, giving respect to those that have died and acting as the way to speak to Yveltal without risking its wrath. The followers of Yveltal are an order of knights that continually hunt down the Hollow, though their numbers diminished long ago. In absolute truth, Yveltal itself more of a peaceful grim reaper type and represents the natural flow of decay and death as opposed to the forced destruction invited by the golems that threaten Bayern. That said, it does directly oppose Xerneas in a stalemate that has lasted since both gods were born.

Keldeo: In a time long ago, Keldeo was the youngest god of the Swords of Justice, and guardian of the coastal region. Like the elder trio he also represents an aspect of humanity; in his case it was mankind's bravery and adventureous spirit, that which brought them to taming the seas as sailors, traders and fishermen. Unfortunately greed and arrogance among nobility pushed him aside with the empty worship of Manaphy only to keep trade with Bugen Isle alive. With little following Keldeo secluded himself, becoming little more than a faded myth by the current era. Legend claims that Keldeo once held a more powerful form during the war with Regigigas that was lost when his position amongst the gods was displaced. Holds no ill will towards the people he fought for, but has a major chip on his shoulder for the corrupt nobility that ousted him. Only recently did a new Champion rise to fight in his name, but with little of the support other gods have, it will be a tough journey ahead for both Hero and Legend.

Other legendary Pokemon may have indeed existed, but may have died during the great war with Regigigas. Their names faded from memory, such that it is hard to tell whether any un-named Legendary existed at all. In other words: plot fodder. Finding the remains of a dead legendary or some item connected to them could be the basis for an incredible arcane weapon or even let them access their Gifts as a Usurper or Branded-class.

Major Communities

HOLZFALL: The community whose patron is Virizion, Holzfall is the second largest community in Bayern. It consists of many small towns and provides a thriving industry of woodworkers, carpenters, and all who work closely with grass Pokemon. It is also a famed farming community, consisting of many berry growers and juicers. As a result, this is the birthplace of the Pokemon contest, and people who live hand in hand with Pokemon are renowned as silk hiding steel. Due to the fact that there are just as many dangers in the deep woods however, it is also a community with many hunters, trappers and woodsmen. The deepest forests are called the Schwarzwald. Its militia is skilled in the use of axes as their signature weapon. Pokemon common to this community are Grass, Fairy, Bug, Steel and Ghost types.

KONIGBURG: The largest city in Bayern- and in fact, the only city, really. Its patron is Cobalion. The most developed region of Bayern is where all of the science happens- alchemy, clockwork, glasswork, scholarly theory and new innovations in technology. It is a city of promise, but also a city of long shadows and insular behavior. Built so closely together that it would be devastated by fire or indeed Hollowness, Konigburg has a taboo of strict control of Pokemon who can change the environment in battle. Racketeers and black markets often gather in back alleys and disused streets, as well. However, paradoxically its militia is the strongest of all, but they are always looking outside to threats instead of looking in. Their signature weapon is the crossbow. Pokemon common to this community are Normal, Electric, Dark, Rock and Steel.

(PORYGON: the first Porygon was made in this city, out of clockwork and finely crafted plates of crystal, and was blessed by Diancie and Xerneas' agents to bring it to life. Less than a hundred true Porygons exist in Bayern, and these days often an artificer need only spend years producing the clockwork before it crystallizes into living form, but they are seen as a sign of a bright future, and making one is the pinnacle of the clockmaker's lifework.)

SALTBURG: At the foot of the Alpis mountains lies Saltburg and its neighboring towns. It is unique among communities in Bayern in that while many of its militia and shrines venerate Terrakion, most of the community and common people venerate Diancie far more strongly. Indeed, it has forever been the envy of Konigburg for the fact that much of its infrastructure is powered by a Heart Diamond granted to it by Diancie. The mines of the Alpis mountains produce a seemingly neverending supply of gems and precious metals, but the gap between the people who get to enjoy this wealth and the people who actually dig it out is large. Its people and pokemon work hand in hand in industry, and they produce most of the Pokejewelry that is sent out through Bayern. Its militia specialize in the use of the pick. Pokemon common to this community are Rock, Ground, Dragon, Ice and Fighting.

BUGEN: A small island off of the coast and the coastal city closest to it, they share the name Bugen. The island is home to a monastic order which venerates Manaphy, and consider themselves closest of all to water Pokemon. However, most consider them to be completely disconnected from most of Bayern as a whole. People who live in the coastal city are looked upon more favorably, mostly due to the occasional interesting discovery that washes ashore from the old times or, more practically, the fish that they can ship to other places. Bugen is also where many aspiring Sky Trainers grow up, and Flying pokemon are used to overcome the hazardous Slug Moor swamps that surround the city. Its militia use the polearm and spear as their special weapon. Pokemon common to this area are Flying, Water, Poison, Ground and Dark.

ARCHENGART: Archengart was once a city of mysticism and a premier place for those who had developed psychic powers to go to home their talents. Unknown to many, however, it had been corrupted years ago by the curse of Hollowness, and its leadership was riddled with the cursed. The central cathedral of the city is locked up as tight as it was on the day the city fell, having been conquered by Count Kord and much of its population decimated. Naturally, the Count only killed the afflicted, but few people saw any pattern to the devastation- and so nobody knew of the secret plan to sacrifice hundreds of mystics and psychics to resurrect a dead, reassembled Regi which remains sealed there. However, many Psychic, Fire, Fighting, Electric and Ghost pokemon remain native to the surrounding areas, and the curse of Hollowness in the native Pokemon is ruthlessly purged by Kord's people.


TEAM GOLEM: The simplest name for the wicked group that supports Regigigas is Team Golem, but they would style themselves as the Sentinels of the Pure World. What most people consider the curse of Hollowness, the Team claims is the only way to achieve true mental and emotional purity, an abandonment of worldly sins that makes them the 'true' people destined to inhabit the world. They claim that Regigigas always intended for humanity and Pokemon to have this element, and all who do not will perish when they inevitably free him. Not all of the Team have the curse of Hollowness, but those who do definitely recognize that the Team is the best hope for doing the awful deeds that further Regigigas' release. Rather than Pokemon- Hollow ones aside- they fight with ersatz Toy Pokemon that are made of lifeless clockwork.

They hate Porygons. They really, really hate Porygons.

TREASURES OF BAYERN: Many items in the Pokemon world that would be of varied or questionable rarity are different in Bayern, with some items going up to mythical rarity. Anything that a trainer can make using a Feature are considered to be of relative commonality, but typically the person who can make them is usually the ONLY person that can make them. As such, many people specialize in the creation of Potions(including repels and status remedies), TMs or Pokejewelry, and only the Touched can learn it as an incidental skill. Herbs and powders are for the poorest people. Many wandering trainers can only produce potions and healing items of inferior type that typically only work for them, and similar things can be said for tutors. Items such as Ethers, Revives, Incenses and Type-Boosting Held Items must be made or found in naturally occuring places with a touch of mystical power to them. Gems, items like Razor Claws, Rocks, and Light Clay are the next level of rarity. Stones and Fossils are the next level up. Evolution-inducing Held Items are exceptionally rare and hard to find. Mega Stones, Plates, and Orbs are so rare as to be mythical things spoken of in stories.