Polite Words

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Polite Words (Scenesys ID: 239)
If you attack them now, before they can prepare, I'm sure all your plans will succeed, Sir. I'm sure we're ready.
Full Name: Violence Behind Polite Words (Emily Lanham)
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Exalted)
Theme: (OC) Exalted: Modern-1
Function: Sidereal Exalted
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: Mid-20s
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5'5 Weight: 130
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown with Red specks
Theme Song:


Prior to her Exaltation, Violence Behind Polite Words was a corporate spy, playing two weapons manufacturers against one another for her own profit and amusement. She exalted as one of the companies in question figured her ploy out, security forces surrounding her, and the newly Chosen of Battles managed to fight her way out. Now aiming a little higher than corporate espionage, Polite Words has begun to look to play governments and militaries off of each other for inscrutable reasons of her own. Already an excellent shot as a mortal, as an Exalted her ability with firearms is incredible, but she's only beginning to learn the depths of Sidereal Martial Arts and Astrology. As an ally of the Confederacy, she seems to be cheerful enough, though far too happy when fighting is heaviest. True to her name, however, she is almost never rude in conversation, making every effort to be polite to others right up until the point where she tries to kill them or otherwise betrays them.










Flawed Fate: Whenever Polite Words resists magical mental influence, or acts against her primary virtue of Conviction, she grows closer to triggering the Great Curse. As with all Chosen of Battles, while she is suffering a Limit Break, she will seek to cause larger and more chaotic battles, picking fights or pushing those around her into fights. While this is more or less true of her most of the time, anyway, it overrides all other considerations during the Break. The more Sidereals she is around, the more effect this curse has upon her.

Arcane Fate: If Polite Words is not wearing a Resplendent Destiny, then any actions she takes are VERY hard to associate with her afterwords. In fact, it's hard for non-elites to remember or recognize her at all in this state, and even elites may have trouble. This is somewhat counteracted by Resplendent Destinies, but those are not associated with her self without them, and not associated with each other either. Only other Sidereals are truly immune.

Paradox: Breaking character while in a Resplendent Destiny can carry quite devastating effects, if she does it too much, as can overuse of destiny manipulation. In either case, depending on how badly she does so, she can annoy the Pattern Spiders; doing this will eventually lead to the Spiders retaliating by injecting venom into her thread on the Loom of Fate. This can have quite a variety of side effects ranging from the merely incredibly inconvenient to the potentially indirectly lethal. Her accumulated paradox will go away slowly on its own, but she also knows a number of rituals to reduce it more rapidly if need be.

Astrology: In addition to the potential for Paradox if she tries to be exceptionally dramatic with it, Astrology takes a long time, and she's not good enough yet to be able to guarantee success. Creatures that are explicitly Outside of Fate, such as those native to the Wyld, the undead, and demons are not affected by her requests to the Loom of Fate, either. Aurics tend to be more difficult to affect than most.

Anima Banner: As she expends Essence, Polite Words risks giving off a display of crimson light, starting with a mark of Mars on her forehead and growing eventually to light bright enough to read by from a stone's throw away. She has some ability to dampen this at the cost of extra essence, but if it grows to this point then she will be completely unable to stealth and any who see her and have sufficient knowledge will immediately identify her as a Sidereal Exalted.

My Gun-Fu is Superior: Polite Words was arrogant about her abilities before Exalting. Getting super awesome powers has not made her less so. In particular, she has a very hard time believing anyone would be a better shot than she is, but she has a very difficult time going against any challenge to her skills.


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