Precia Testarossa (Dropped)

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Precia Testarossa (Scenesys ID: 153)
"I may never deserve to see my daughter's smile, but with what time I have left, I will try."
Full Name: Precia Testarossa
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-2R
Function: Doting Mother 2.0
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (5-Last Chancer Lieutenant)
Groups: Last Chancers and Syndicate Network
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-forties Actual Age: 56
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'10" Weight: 138 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Purple Eye Color: Violet
Theme Song:


Mother. Scientist. Mage. Villain. All of these things have described Precia Testarossa before. A former researcher for Mid-Childa, Precia's child was lost in an accident, and she became unhinged and obsessed with reviving her. This culminated in a confrontation that nearly killed her, but she was pulled back from the brink, only to be sundered from her second child. Now, finally finding her way back, she seeks to make it up to the memory of her children, wrestling with her dark disgust and anger and bitterness while trying to make the world a better place. She is stubborn, driven even, and has a terrifying focus when she fixates upon something. She attempts to keep others from making her mistakes, fighting evil even while trying to redeem it. A powerful mage, she possesses flight, lightning-based attacks, familiarity with many kinds of magic, and dimension-based travel, not to mention her own skills as a scientist. Despite this, the full force of her power is rarely applied, and her age is beginning to catch up to her at last.










Guilt Trip: She's still a little unhinged, but Precia has regained enough perspective to realize how vicious and cruel she was to everyone in her own fanatical desire to restore the dead long gone. This means two things. One, she is very, very paranoid about anyone messing with life and death now, to the point of obsession. Two, occasionally she may see glimpses of her daughter when fighting against younger characters, which can cause irrational behavior and sometimes even combat paralysis.

Notoriety: In most other worlds like her own, Precia was a villain to the end... and even a good portion of the Multiverse has heard of her and her cruelty. To say that Precia has an uphill battle to atone for her wrongs would be an understatement. She receives very little tactical support, and even with her power, that makes it dangerous in the Multiverse. There are a lot of people out for her blood, and she has few friends to fend them off.

Power Flare: As an SS class mage, Precia has a lot of power, and with her vast experience she is normally good at controlling it. Her spells have a pretty distinctive signature, and the powerful ones can be easily traced back to her location even if she's doing a long-range spell, using only the most basic of detection methods. Proper artifacts and preparation can prevent the tracing aspect, but this requires a very careful and lengthy preparation and wastes power. Her personal signature can never be disguised.

Age: Multiversal Aging is not in effect for Precia, and she was already approaching her mid-fifties. She's aged very well, but she's started to weaken, and her stamina isn't what it used to be. Nor is her speed, without magic. As well-preserved as she is, it's only a matter of time before she starts breaking down. (After Round 6 of actual combat without rest, takes 3% damage per turn that she remains in combat)

Reluctant: Her Linker Core is fully healed, but Precia is still extremely careful about using too much power. She will avoid fighting at full strength unless absolutely necessary. This may sometimes put her in a situation of underestimating her opponent and being unprepared to draw upon the power needed. In mechanical terms, it means she will sometimes start at a lower PL than she really should if she wants to fight seriously.


Title Date Scene Summary
Mysterious Assailant August 26th, 2014 The Union investigates the attack on Nanoha's mother. Nanoha, and her Confederate allies, investigate as well.


Title Date Scene Summary
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