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The world of the Sands of Time trilogy is similar to the medieval middle-east in technology level, yet the presence of far more mythic elements such as mystic artifacts and creatures is easily enough to separate it from similar histories from other universes. Djinni are blatantly present, yet rare as might be expected from such a setting, and sorcery is the practice of learned men and a source of power for those who have the intellect to use it. Mystical artifacts are the stuff of legend, yet when present are as potent as any story says they could be. Generally speaking, India and Persia are the most influential groups, yet smaller desert tribes exist as well.

For whatever reason, time is fluid enough in this world that multiple disconnected incidents have required the establishment of the Dahaka, a guardian of the timeline. It is not that time spontaneously erupts into chaos, rather, that multiple incidents have provoked danger to the world enough that whatever gods or sorcerers that conjured the Dahaka deemed it necessary. Anyone deviating from a normal timeline will find themselves set upon by this hulking beast which will aim to patch the timeline as best it can. Generally, this may involve killing one who has escaped death far too often or else allowing civilizations to stand that might have otherwise fallen or vice-versa.

The heads of state of India and Persia are both at odds with each other often, and the culmination of that conflict, the assault on the Maharaj of India's palace, has been ongoing for some time. Babylon is a present city, such as has been assimilated into Persia ,and currently serves as the Prince's own hometown from whence he was plucked out of poverty.

The three main artifacts of the series -- the staff, the medallion, and the dagger -- owe their creation to unknown figures, yet were likely made with the intent of sabotaging the Empress of Time, a living conduit for the power of the Sands themselves who has been rendered long since dead at the time of the theme's start.

The Dagger of Time is capable of rewinding time, and if used by the wielder to stab themselves moments after the Empress's death, they will gain immortality, and a god-like albeit monstrous form. The Medallion is capable of wielding elemental power and rewinding time as well, yet is overall less powerful than the Dagger proper, and the Dagger's capacity to harvest sands makes it generally more useful. Finally, the Staff allows the wielder to command any sand-infected creatures within a large radius yet offers no additional power beyond that including the exemption of rewinding. Hence, it is both the most and least powerful of all the artifacts.