Princess Bubblegum (Dropped)

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Princess Bubblegum (Scenesys ID: -1)
"That's it! The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!"
Full Name: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum
Gender: Female
Species: Bubblegum
Theme: (FC) Adventure Time-1R
Function: SCIENCE!
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 19 Actual Age: 1000ish
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor: Hynden Walch
Height: 5'2 Weight: Squishy
Hair Color: Bubblegum Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


Despite looking like a teenager, Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum is the smartest, most mathematical Princess of them all. Ruler of the well-respected Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum is known across the Land of Ooo as a kind, good-hearted and just ruler who loves her subjects and would do anything to protect them. The truth is, Peebles is almost one thousand years old, having emerged from some sentient pink slime created following the Great Mushroom War Princess Bubblegum has a passion and talent for science which is almost the equal to her dedication to her people, and which she hopes to use to solve all the world's problems! Over the centuries, PB has worked hard to carve a new world of stability and peace from the madness. The Candy Kingdom stands as a testament to that dream; an eternal empire, a beacon of hope in a chaotic and disordered world.










Local Hegemon: The Candy Kingdom is the largest and most prosperous nation in the world of Ooo, and as a result is highly involved in world affairs. As the ruler of the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum has to go out to a lot of social functions (even with really weird, or evil, people that she'd rather avoid) and she has to be ready to help out in all sorts of disputes amongst the lesser kingdoms. Sometimes, it is totally plop-dumps and waggle-sags, but she takes her duties as a responsible monarch very seriously.

S-Science...?: Sometimes, the projects that Princess Bubblegum dedicates herself to go wrong. Sometimes, they go very badly wrong indeed. Whether it is accidentally releasing a plague of zombie candy folk, or creating giant immortal psychic monsters, Princess Bubblegum can often wind up being her own worst enemy.

Obsessive: Bonnibel really hates problems she can't solve. There ARE things that are beyond her intellect to grasp - mostly those things which don't obey scientific principles. In her heart of hearts, she believes that science can explain anything, and when faced with puzzles which go against that, she can work herself to exhaustion trying to figure it out. Even when she can can figure something out, she has a tendency to obsess and can wind up working for way too long.


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The Great Mushroom Wars were the end of humanity. Nuclear fire rained from the sky, wiping out civilization practically overnight.

In the aftermath of the Mushroom Wars, mutation and radiation ran rampant. The being which would become Princess Bubblegum was originally a goopy pink slurry spread across the ruins of an ancient city. Over centuries, she learned to form herself a body from this residual biomass, and from there, the experiments began.

Bonnibel of the Wasteland was a warlord and conqueror, scouring the radioactive wastes for usable remnants of the previous age with which to build a place of safety and security. The discovery of candy based technology allowed her to terraform the land which would become the Candy Kingdom, and create the first of her candy citizens, as well as refine the process which created her own body.

Bonnibel became Princess Bubblegum, and the more seriously dangerous elements of the immediate world were scoured away. From the old ruins, the idea for the complex series of treaties and agreements which would win relative safety for the Candy Kingdom from the other, smaller principalities eventually formed. That, and the power of her creations - particularly the Rattleballs security robots who were able to institute total peace in just a few shorts years.

As the world became less dangerous, though, the need for these creations faded with it. Their capacity and need for violence worried her, and she came to rely instead on independent adventurers - good hearted and noble souls who felt that she represented the best hope for peace in Ooo. She did away with the Rattleballs, and turned towards a life of science and gradual growth.

The only true disruption to her slow cultural domination of Ooo came with the Lich. She had run-ins with him in the past, but he finally succeeded in almost killing her, and it was only through the efforts of Finn and Jake (two close friends and the latest in a long line of heroes who have helped her over the years) that she didn't die. This turned her more towards worrying about her legacy, and what might happen if she was to fall... candy people are well-meaning, but terribly naive.

Unification occurred shortly after these events, and Princess Bubblegum knew something was up right away. It didn't take her long to get a handle on the political situation, and so she aligned herself with the Union, as the possible danger the Confederacy represents is just too great!


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Here is where I'll be keeping a log of notable scenes. Notable meaning 'whatever I can be bothered to log'!

Exploring the Dungeon!

Dungeon 1: Froggy Knight Fever

Social Scenes

Breakfast At Bonnibel's

Additional Notes

Hey gang! I super encourage other people who want to run stuff in the Adventure Time universe to do so. If you've got questions and queries, please feel free to bring them to me. I'm also down for running various Adventure-based scenes (particularly dungeons, which are pretty easy to come up with on the fly). The only real caveat to doing stuff in the setting is that you ought not to use named NPCs without getting permission, and I'd like to avoid having huge areas blown up and junk. Adventure Time is a fairly lighthearted setting, so try to keep that in mind! Particularly in the Candy Kingdom, which Bonnibel takes a particular interest in protecting.

That said, I'm open to ideas, and if people wanna work up some big (and destructive) TP or whatever, just talk to me about it first!Dropped