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Procyana (Scenesys ID: 365)
"An operation is only as stable as the resources supporting it."
Full Name: Procyana
Gender: Female
Species: Raccoon Anthromorph
Theme: (OC) OC - Original
Function: Covert Enforcer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-Twenties Actual Age: Mid-Twenties
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5' 11" Weight: Classified
Hair Color: Dark Red Eye Color: Green-Blue
Theme Song:


Procyana is not your typical covert operations agent. Instead of a nation she works for a galactic corperation to ensure the safety of its operations and resources, and occassionally eliminating compatition intent on more than economic unrest. A daredevil and chance-taker at heart, she has little problem with taking the dangerous jobs no one else wants, and doing so in middle of a roaring battle if necessary to get it done. Her natural abilities have been genetically and bionically augemented, and supported by the cutting edge of technology like her stealth suit. Microntronics enable her to carry an extensive arsenal of weapons and gadgetry with her at any time, but that same reliance on technology can leave Procyana in a jam if she's cut off from her resources.










Adrenaline Junkie: As part of the genetic conditioning Procyana was biologically reprogrammed to get an emotional high off the sort of dangerous situations and potential hazards that would horrify lesser individuals. The downside is that drive often pushes her to using unorthodox ideas and daredevil maneuvers when simpler plans would of likely gotten the same results with less risk, for her own entertainment and satisfaction. It also causes her to be increasingly moody and even depressive if she's kept out of action for too long.

Cutting Edge Is A Double-Edge Blade: Procyana is heavily reliant on her high tech weapons, gadgets and other futuristic assets. She's at a handicap without her elaborate devices and microtronic weaponry, or somehow cut off from the Union or her corporate employers for supplies. Also, she's often fielded with new and experimental equipment for testing that may not work properly, fail due to complexity or just run out of power after a limited use due to bad designing.

Information Limitation: Not fully a jack of all trades, but she can come close. As a spy you learn to do a little of everything, go anywhere and occasionally be someone else. Or upload a few relative pieces of data through your cybernetic implants to keep it handy. But when it comes down to things that are outside the actual fields of her occupation, the passable job she can pull isn't going to be as great as an actual specialist would be able to perform.

EMP Disruption: To prevent rampaging swarms or 'grey goo' scenarios, nanites and nanotech are heavily regulated in this world, and required to have electromagnetic 'kill switches' as a fail-safe by regulation. Due to her black ops occupation and corporate backing Procyana's nano-systems have a less debilitating trigger on them, but a magnetic pulse or hard electric shock can still cause malfunctions or lockdown her inventory access temporarily, preventing her from switching to more suitable hardware for a situation.


Title Date Scene Summary
Gun Gale Online - Introductions December 7th, 2014 The Gatecrashers Union enters Sword Art Online and starts to set up.
To the World of Guns December 6th, 2014 A government official who's more well-connected than he lets on has put a call out to Kirito and whatever remains of the Gatecrashers Union, promising payment in exchange for doing some investigative work in a VRMMO. The turnout will probably be far more than he expects!
A Totally Awesome Pizza Party October 19th, 2014 A very social event.
Ghosts of Krypton October 2nd, 2014 A crashed starship shows signs that something terrible happened twenty thousand years ago.
Grudge Match: Psyber vs. D September 15th, 2014 Psyber has a fight to pick with D over his actions recently. The two agree to meet in Summer for a duel under the moonlight. The grass is stained red with their blood.
WMAT C5 Procyana vs. Cameron Baum August 10th, 2014 WMAT Third Place Bout - C Bracket.
WMAT C4 Material-S vs Procyana August 3rd, 2014 The tech raccoon against the Material of Wisdom, in a blowout, shootout fight that has plenty of fireworks for everyone!
WMAT C3 Procyana vs. Artorias July 23rd, 2014 WMAT C3 battle between Artorias and Procyana!
WMAT C2 Bowser vs. Procyana July 10th, 2014 Bowser versus Procyana in Round 2, Bracket C of the WMAT!
Glowing Blood. July 4th, 2014 At a secluded military outpost, Crona is spurred into action to murder soldiers. It doesn't take long for the Union to muster an effective defense. But in spite of the corpses they left in their wake, it soon becomes clear that they might not be the only victims in this scenario...
WMAT C1 Maya vs. Procyana June 26th, 2014 WMAT match Maya vs Procyana, Rainbow Dash commentary


Title Date Scene Summary
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