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Everyone hates when people they care for die. Some people try to do something about it. A very rare few succeed.

They rarely find themselves happy about the result.

Prometheans were originally the creations of mortals, Demiurges who, through chance or skill, brought a corpse back to life, through one method or another. All of them involved a piece of the Divine Fire being used to animate the Promethean- both more, and less, than a soul, granting incredible powers of Transmutation, but also kindling Disquiet in others, and Wasteland in the land around them. Of course, Demiurges are rare. Thus, almost all Prometheans in existence today are, instead, those created by other Prometheans, following the same pattern as that original Demiurge did when he created the style of Promethean.

The life of a Promethean is not a happy one. The Disquiet they instill in others gradually grows, tormenting those around them, and their presence can poison the very land that they inhabit. Thus, many of them seek a way to become human again, following the Refinements, ten paths of study and focus to try to understand what it means to become a human, taking what is known as the Pilgrimage. They try to build their rapport with humanity- An integral part of which is making a child, someone to follow in their footsteps. Thus, each Promethean, to try to become human, must make someone else not human. If they should succeed, then they become an ordinary human being again, often with no memories of their time as a Promethean. Of course, there are great threats to them. The attempt to create a Promethean can go catastrophically wrong, instead creating Pandorans- Hungry creatures, homunculi, that cannot become human, but who hunger and need for the touch of Divine Fire, Azoth, and so, prey on Prometheans.

Prometheans are not resurrected copies of their old selves. They are, instead, a new lifeform, inhabiting a corpse, and trying to kindle the fire inside to a soul. They may remember the memories of their corpse body- But they are not the same person.