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Quote (Scenesys ID: 403)
What is life without purpose?
Full Name: Quote
Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Theme: (FC) Cave Story-1
Function: Spelunker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late teens Actual Age: 10 years, or perhaps just a few weeks.
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlYHQDsA13U


Quote and his partner Curly Brace are robots, originally sent on a mission as scouts along with an army of other artificial annihilators. They failed and were struck down, losing their memories. At the same time however, something about their advanced brains and the ancient magic surrounding their resting place gave them each a second chance. They became truly alive and fully sentient, though their bodies are obviously mechanical. Quote in particular is quite skilled with guns, has a streak of petty larceny, and a certain wide-eyed innocence and charm. Curly Brace has gained a bubbly and outgoing personality with a strong streak of protectiveness. They may not know their pasts, but both are determined to do what needs to be done. It's not what you did in the past after all, it's what you do that defines you.









  • KLEPTOMANIAC: Quote has a habit, when in Scout mode at least (see +info Modes), of picking up anything he can find that doesn't clearly and obviously count as theft. Something carelessly left on the floor for example might be considered 'discarded', as might something in a trash bin. He uses these items for his Tinkering skill, though sometimes they end up simply as mementos or trophies.
  • AMNESIA: A significant flaw of both Quote and Curly Brace. When damaged to the point of shut-down, all volatile memory is wiped clean in the interests of deniability. While Quote would retain all his skills, all knowledge is gone whenever he is K.O.ed. He can keep memory backups in convenient locations, but that won't help him remember details of what happens during a mission.
  • WATER: While somewhat resistant to water and taking no damage from brief immersion, Quote is dense and can't swim or float. While anti-gravity negates some of his weight it doesn't do a thing to make him more buoyant. This is particularly bad because, if underwater for a time long enough for a normal human to drown, Quote will become flooded and will completely shut down, requiring repair before he can be rebooted. This also triggers his Amnesia flaw.
  • DEEP SLEEPER: Quote sleeps on a timer, allowing him to recharge and perform internal maintenance. During sleep he can't be woken by anything short of actual injury. While his original manufacturer would have had ways of bringing him out of sleep in an emergency, these devices are now long gone.
  • HEALING: As a robot, Quote doesn't respond to medical treatment. This isn't a problem at a proper base as it's somewhat easier to find repair materials than a well-trained surgeon, but it's a huge problem as it's rarer to come across fully-equipped technicians in the field than it is to have access to a medic or healer.


Title Date Scene Summary
Chasing the Dream September 25th, 2014 Having learned the Doctor is looking for malevolent red flowers to turn Mimiga into his personal weapons of death, our heroes rush to the sand zone hoping to get there first and put an end to his evil scheme.
CS3. A Walk in the Park September 23rd, 2014 Our adventurers convince King to release Sue, then find Kazuma within the Bushlands. As they learn more about the Mimiga and what has happened in recent history, they begin to realize that there's a lot more involved than just a missing research team.
Cave Story 2: Seeking Sue September 1st, 2014 Our adventurers learn where Sue Sakamoto might have gone, and advance into the unknown in search of her.
Spelunking 101 August 25th, 2014 HUZZAH! Our adventurers arrive and meet some of the odd denizens of the Flying Island


Title Date Scene Summary
The Mimiga Hero (Quote) August 31st, 2014 Quote discovers a few things, but lacks the understanding to recognize them for what they are.


  • MODES: Robot Scout models such as Quote and Curly Brace are designed to be fully sufficient in the field. This capacity is integrated directly into their core, not something that can be forgotten in a memory wipe. As such they're always using odd things they find as "power ups". Phosphorus and carbon rendered from a killed creature becomes an explosive which gets integrated into a metal shell picked up from a discarded tin, and turned into improvised rocket launcher ammunition. Metal and chitin become bits of protective armor over a previous battle injury, "healing" battle damage while in the field. The robots can't surpass their maximum ability by doing so, but can easily repair themselves slowly between battles so that they return to their default level of strength despite extended campaigns behind enemy lines.

    To handle this capability, the robot has an automatic and unconscious need to pick things up if they might be useful. This is built in as a 'Scout Mode', and it's inherent enough to survive even the memory wipe undergone by a disabled robot. This isn't a behavior the robot can filter out. While a scout robot is programmed to avoid undue attention, i.e. breaking theft laws, it will still take any presented opportunity to stockpile a collection of potentially useful supplies. As this would be a rather bad thing to do while in friendly territory, these scout robots also have a 'Home mode'. While in this mode they do not steal and do not engage in other scout behavior seeking out trouble. They can and will defend an area they consider 'home', but are otherwise fully lawful under such conditions.

    Quote and Curly Brace can switch between modes by their own choice, but it takes some time. If they are in a scene to fight, they'll be there in Scout Mode and will suffer that mode's penalties. If they are in a more casual scene and on their best behavior, they will have some difficulty responding to battle damage until they're able to break from battle long enough to reestablish Scout Mode - at minimum a non-combat round.