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Remnant. A world choked with darkness. Dust. The flicker of light that glimmers within that darkness. Humans and Faunus. Controllers of the Dust that protects them from the dark that is Grimm.

Legends tell that Humans and Faunus were born from Dust into a hostile world. Forced to fight for their very survival against a soulless enemy known as the Grimm. Only by mastering a great power, were they able to turn the tide. They named this power: Dust, or the Wrath of Nature Itself.

After pushing back the Grimm, the Humans and Faunus turned on themselves. Sparking great wars and self destructive conflicts. Two of the most notable, that still resonate to modern day society, are the Great War, over individuality and self expression, and the Faunus Rights Revolution, where subjugated Faunus rose up and fought for their rights as intelligent beings.

From the ashes of these conflicts, Four nations now call this world their home. Vale in the center. Vacuo to the west. Atlas in the north and Mistral in the east. Each have their own culture and values. Atlas is a technological titan, Vacuo are rough and ready, always up for a good scrap. Vale is diverse and varied, Mistral is mysterious.

The world of Remnant is a dangerous place, particularly for the kingdoms of man. Many have grown and fallen over the course of the history of this world. As have many roaming bands of nomads and small villages that tried to eak out a survival outside of the four kingdoms. There one day, gone overnight. The Huntsmen and Huntresses stand vigil over these kingdoms, and are trained at academies Remnant is a dangerous place, but the four kingdoms stand at beacons of hope, and safe havens from the darkness that surrounds them.