Rachel Donovan

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Rachel Donovan (Scenesys ID: -1)
"Who I used to be doesn't really matter, does it? I reckon I did what I had to to survive, and that's fine with me. Job has its perks."
Full Name: Rachel Anne Donovan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Sacrifice-1
Function: Memory Splicer
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A-Ally)
Groups: Human Resources
Other Information
Physical Age: Actual Age:
Still Aging? Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


Rachel Anne Donovan was a homeless street punk who got by hacking snack machines and stealing food for more or less the first twenty years of her life. One day she got in over her head, trying to steal from Unity Pharmalabs. After her capture, she was offered the chance to help test some new implants and technology: power, for a price. Given it was either that, mysteriously winding up in an alley dead, or maybe just going back to a life of nothing, she didn't take long to pick. Her memories and emotions sacrificed, she now serves as one of Unity Pharmalabs' top "anti-competition" agents. While her advanced Asphodel Armor leaves her emotionless when fighting, outside of it she's retained some personality traits: a strong desire for survival at all costs, a very light sense of humor, and awkward attempts at being social despite not having a full emotional range (and, essentially, no empathy whatsoever). For a lot of things, though, she has to content herself living emotions through other people's memories, when permitted. As a Memory Splicer, Rachel is able to alter, absorb or delete the memories of other living beings, or of machines. She is most capable in stealth operations, but can hold her own when forced to relatively well thanks to her armor and its weapons.









  • No Armor, No Fighting: Rachel can hold her own outside of her armor against non-Elites, but against any combat grade Elite whatsoever she will be out of her playing field and unable to use most if not all of her assets.
  • Sacrifice (Memory Splicer): In order to properly use MEMOIR implants, it is critical the user sacrifice all vestiges of their old life to make room in the brain; as a result, Rachel has no past to speak of. This also led to:
  • Emotional Suppression: The Asophodel Armor creates feedback that is impossible to handle for a human brain operating with emotions. In order to use it, it was necessary for Rachel to also sacrifice her emotions, at least partially. While using the armor, she is completely emotionless as a result. When not using the armor, she retains mild emotions, but typically nothing that'll create strong responses or be worth talking about.
  • Memory Feedback: Some memories are heavier than others and may cause emotional responses in Rachel, whether or not she is in the armor. This CAN affect her ability to fight in the case of Elite memories, which tend to be heavier.
    • Memory Feedback Example 1: Rachel touches on an Elite's extremely deep and dark phobia while attempting to disable or gleam information from them. She gains this phobia for however long is dramatically appropriate and, depending on the nature, may instantly suffer a trigger of that phobia on the spot.
    • Memory Feedback Example 2: Rachel digs too deep into an Elite's sad past and immediatly becomes struck with the same regards for that past the Elite has. A sufficiently mournful past may rob her of her willingness to continue fighting, whereas a "nothing to lose anymore" past could drive her into a frenzy. Duration is, again, limited to what is tasteful and appropriate.
  • Phlegethon Drive: This sub-system of the Asphodel Armor does not allow her to choose what gets destroyed in order to create the burst of power. If she doesn't have stored memories to give up to it, then it just takes from hers, and that can mean pretty much literally anything, short of situations that would create too much drama (like forgetting the Confederacy, etc.).
  • Partnership: Rachel is relatively close friends with Kevin Banowen, who is one of the first people she got to really know after her sacrifices (eaten memories do not count). This is meaningless when she is donning the armor, although when outside of it it may prompt her to action more than others might.


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